The E Lounge presents MistressBknight

In a world where women are hyper sexualized and many display and hold misogynistic views towards women it’s often hard, if not near impossible for women to celebrate and express their sexuality free of judgement. The male gaze reaches far into our lives and influences how women related to themselves and the world around them.

The E lounge, to be held on Tuesday 30 September at Apples & Pears in East London, will be having a Q&A with one woman who will offer her own, and you unique, perspective on how to address this issue. She is MistressBknight, a black international dominatrix for several years who specializes in the art of seduction.

She now runs Diamond Life Coaching, a company specialising in teaching women how to be sexy, confident and celebrate and exploring their true powers of being a woman. She offers a range of workshops, some of which, look at self-love and improving women’s health & wellbeing by using hypnotherapy and positive exercise to create inner strength, resilience and emotions.

MistressBKnight says: “Dating in this modern world is a social, emotional and even PC minefield. There is a myriad of social expectations, double standards, contradictions and backwards thinking. The emotional elements and struggles can be daunting and mentally exhausting. I’ve created a series of workshops that cover various aspects of sexual and romantic living for modern women.”

At The E Lounge MistressBknight will be discussing ‘Erotic Capital’ and how woman can use their natural femininity as well as ‘Bring Sexy Back’ and learning the art of seduction and understanding sexual energy. This includes how to strip and tease your partner as well as how to command attention when in a social setting in a confident and alluring way.

For many women, and according to most studies today up to a massive 55% them, are single or recently broken up. The media places a great deal of pressure on women which focuses around being in a relation or at least dating. For women who’ve recently broken up it can be a difficult time in which a great deal of reflection and doubts about their ability to be a good woman, please their partner or their attractiveness comes into play. Clearly it doesn’t apply to all but some feel lost or inadequate.

MistressBKnight adds: “I’ve created the ‘Reboot’ package. It’s focus is to empower women and encourages them to make the necessary steps towards reinventing themselves. It’s not about changing who you are but developing and growing into a new and improved version.”

Since the infamous 50 Shades of Grey people have been keen and more open about being submissive or exploring BDSM. While she sees nothing wrong with women who wish to be sexually submissive and have a man dominate. She also feels that women should also be able to explore and express their own dominant side. Society has traditionally dictated that women ‘lay back and think of England’ and not actively control or take the lead. However, for MistressBKnight she offers workshops for woman who are either naturally dominant or simply wish to explore this sexually liberating avenue.

She says: “Having been a mistress for several years I feel I have an authentic legitimacy in saying that being dominant is extremely empowering. Many people think being a mistress or Dominatrix is dark, seedy and sinister – its not. There are various ways and levels to being a mistress and many benefits to it that can reach beyond the bedroom and into everyday life.

If you’d like to hear more of what MistressBknight has to say or learn about her workshops then come to The E Lounge on Tuesday 30th September @ Apples & Pears Bar.

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