The E Lounge – Tuesday 30 Sept


Eroticnoire (Mr E) invites you to The E Lounge for an evening of sensual indulgence and creativity.

London based writer Eroticnoire first fell in love with erotic writing when given the book Erotique Noire – an anthology of African American erotic writing. However, being of Caribbean decent and born in London he wanted to create and represent african and Caribbean erotica from a London perspective.

Two years on and over 400 blog entries Eroticnoire has decided to create the E Lounge for readers and lovers of black erotic.

Guest to the E Lounge will listen to poems and stories by Eroticnoire. Guest will also be able to be a part of and experience Mr E’s freestyle skills as he uses random words from the audience to crafts 2 poems on the night. Visitors to the E Lounge will also get to preview Eroticnoire’s t-shirt range ahead of its launch later this year.

There will be an opportunity to enjoy hands on experience with Noir lube – the first lubricant designed for people of colour. Noir is a luxury silicone based lube with added skin care ingredients for women of African/Caribbean origin. Noir lube includes the ingredients aloe vera and vitamin E.

Talented erotic artist Ruth Bircham will be exhibiting and discussing her erotic art. Her paintings of body parts aims to help people become more comfortable with their sexuality in all different sizes, shapes, and colours. She explores the concept of narrowing down society our sexual organs and asks – if based on this alone are we not beautiful and sexy enough?

Hosted by Yveloution who will also be reading some of her own work. Her poems conjure the image of a beautiful woman who is strong but ostensibly insatiable, personifying afro-caribbean/black female beauty, sexuality, and desire . Yveolution’s literary erotic mastery is crafted with such potency her readers can only surrender to her fun, ambiguous tales in matters of raw sexual abandonment and pleasure.

There will also be competitions and giveaways.

The evening will be engaging, interactive, fun and most of all sensual.

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