#TasteHerTuesday – pt4

i want to lay you down. Spread your legs wide. Tucked your knees up into your chest. Vary the pace. Mix up the pattern
 Slow Fast
 Faster Slow Pause
Fast. Until you the rustic sound grates along your vocal cords. Long corroded door hinge squeak as your mouth opens. Sharp in hale. Release sweet piercing octaves. Outline shapes
 Write my name in your wetness
 Scribe a story on your pages. Until you grind against my mouth. Until You feel your walls begin to clench. Your clit throb and pound deep. Tingles cause you to judder. Have you put your hands on top of my head. Pull my mouth deeper into your wetness. Until my tongue makes blood rush. Stampede through my veins. Cause you to become confused. Your thoughts become crowded disarray. cluttered jumbled. Rotate my head as I suck on you. Gently pull on it and move my head in circular motions. So your juices cover my mouth like a wet tattoo. Push my mouth hard against you. Enjoy the plump. Fat. Soft fullness of your mound. Taste you like I own it. Take it. Then gently. Slowly. Slide my fingers inside you. Curl them upwards. Press them against your gspot. Hold them there. Press. Cause you to affirmation of your existence. Cause you to release unappealing ragged breathes. Moan a stuttered mantra. Serrated confirmation. Call out the Lords name …

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