#TasteHerTuesday – pt3

I want to wear your woman perfume. Indulge in its wondrous bouquet. Mahogany-African-brown suga-blackness. Sink into your DNA. Praises your salty-sweet salvation. Give my taste buds redemption. Sanctified. Holy ghost filled. Water baptized. Indulge in your flavor. Have it become glazed in your wetness. Become submerged. Finds the soft shell. Discovers your pearl. Move slow. Then sudden. Unannounced. Suck on you quick. Fast. Swift pulls on your clit. Intense. Tug on it with soft yet firm pulls. Increase my tempo. Suck until you can feel the dreadful crease of your eye brows. The unattractive shapes your mouth contorts into. Cuss. Swear. Use blasphemous language. Suck until I can feel your spasms on my tongue
Fee. The pulse of your flower’s heartbeat. Suck until you can feel your head spin. Your eyes blink. Squeeze tight. Open wide. Then stop…
Watch your body collapse. Become limp. Relived yet frustrated. Feeling robbed of your orgasm. Begin to use my lips and pull on you again. Rebuild your tingles from the rubble of your shudders…

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