Contrasts (enjoy them)

I want to feel the beautiful dssimilarities
Learn them
Become fluent in the opposing sensations
Articulate the disparities of the shared bliss they give
Take it in
Analysing the differences
Move from one
Slide to the other
The back the first
Perform uniformed anatomical motions against both
Challenge their principles
Use them to evoke nerve ending contemplation
Express their differences through vowel sounds
Depict their divergences in spasms
Rotate on one
Grind against the other
Push your weigh down on both
Feel their structure
Opposites that cause crakles to giggle in your toes
Take them in
Dance with them
Let them music dance different songs up your spin
Move fast
Glide slow
Let them cause you to judder
Ride in opposing ways
Straddle them unbridled passion
Squat down
Set yourself astride their source
Their centre
Take them into yours
Manipulate your waist against them
Contort your hips
Use them to make yourself cum
And then repeatedly

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