She reads it slow
Deliberate emphasis on his words
The crafted syntax of sentences
Glides its vibrations in spherical motions
Her eyes slide from one word to the other
Moves her toy to the sound of syllables
Swirls it to the annunciation of constructed verses
Feels it hum
The constant pitch
Listens as it alters with each rotation
Varies as it flips over her nib
She reads his words
Writes his poem across her wetness
His writing becomes her writing
Creates images on its tip
Paints pictures of his sonnet between her thighs
Reads with a stammer
Stutters as her moans swell
Seep into the pages of her lady pages
She reads his words
Inserts her own punctuation of tingled filled profanities
Amends his poem with typographical gasps
Trips over her tongue
Becomes tongue tied
Reads faster
Matches the swift pace of globular rotations
With urgency
She reads with fevered passion
Circles with zealous desire
Recites his words
Becomes lost is his narration
Engulfed in her pleasured chronicle
Sits on the edge of the seat of release
Speaks his words from her body
Declares them with her shudders
Performs his words
Until the final line
The explosion of her release
Exclamation sounds
Scrambled syntax
incoherant grammar
sloppy sentence structure

She reads his words

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