taste you (just say yes)

I want …
I long
To taste you
Lavish your centre with intricate swirls
Elaborate tongue designs
Decorate it with ornate garlands of tongue motion
Adorn it with oral tapestry 
Create art between your thighs
Have your legs frame my head work
Display it on the museum of y our face
I want to taste you with delicate patience
Give you feather strokes
That causes you to soar
Fly beyond cloud 9

Cause angels to become jealous of your pleasured heaven
I want to seduce your nib
Charm it with witty tongue swoops
Flirt with it
Engage it with clever humorous banter 
Spark its curiosity 
Evoke intrigue in its nerve endings
Cause you to meditate
Resonate a frequency of pleasure
Have my tongue skim across your waters
Then sink into you
Become submerged
Explore the waves of your ocean
I wish for you to feel the tectonic plates of your earth move
Crash in your depths
Thunder 10,000 leagues inside you
Cause tsunami waves
Have them rise up
Flood my mouth
Have my lips swim in the turbulent current of your wetness
I want to taste you in such a way
You become overwhelmed
Filled with fearful wonderment
Panicked clam
Excited anxiety 
Taste you until you don’t recognsie your voice
You feel your heartbeat in the back of your head
Become unfamiliar with the course gritty audio you release
Until you’re filled with angry bliss
Grit your teeth in beautiful better-sweet anguish 
Press my hands into the back of your thighs
Fold you into yourself
Anatomic origami
Cause your toes to crinkle
Have you feel prickly giggle crackle up your legs
Taste you until kinetic static cause stomach spasms
Involuntary contractions
I want to have you straddle my mouth
Climb aboard the roller-coaster of my tongue
Hold on tight
Travel up the steep gradient of pleasure
Rise gradually
Enjoy the view as you reach the pinnacle
Then free fall 
Throw your hands in the air
Hold your head
Shrek as the g-force of your oral pleasure ride throws you side to side
Squeeze your eyes shut as my tongue does loop the loop swirls 
Grab hold of my head and ride
Moan hard
Feel yourself shake as gravity spins
I want to taste you until you begin to buck
Have full body judders
Feel your centre contract
Collapse on itself
Become tight
Taste you until you breath becomes short
Inhale short
Exhale with jagged explosion
Taste you until you become still
I want to taste you until the world stops
And you release God thunder moans
Until your wetness overflows into my mouth
Until weakness envelopes you
Sets you free
I want to taste you
All I as is you say yes … 

Author: eroticnoire

I'm a poet, writer and lover of all things sensual, erotic and alluring. I believe that the biggest erogenous zone in the body is the mind. It's with words you can soft suck on a person's imagination, give butterfly kisses to their curiosity, long lick their thoughts and use the tongue of your creativity and slide it into the wetness of anticipation.

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