#FreestyleFriday Pt3 sunshine, freedom, airplane, drum, water

#FreestyleFriday pt3
Read the poem below. Then add and follow Mr Eroticnoire.
The third #FreestyleFriday poem. Read. Enjoy.

sunshine, freedom, airplane, drum, water

I want to take yours away
Hold you captive
Commit you to a sentence
Penetration penitentiary
Hard time
Rehabilitate your satisfaction
Make you pay your debt to unsatisfied want
Reform your character of pleasure
Lock you inside the confines of indulgence
Set you free
As wind
Spread your wings

This is what you should become
Erotic airways
Travel to new lands
No ..
Return …
Come back to your home land of bliss
You are indigenous to this place
Let our bodies have a reunion
Explore each other with curious wonderment

This is how our love feels
Nourish our sole
Rejuvenates us
Gives light
We busk in the glow of pleasures
Radiate with the glow of sacred bonds
Nourished it’s warmth
Given vision by it brightness

We pay homage to the original source of music
Skin-to-skin rhythm
Body percussion
Passionate beats
Rapturous applause
Our bodies talk to ancestors
Their spirits dance
Our tempo frantic
Slow and hard
Quick and light
We create the foundation of music

It is jealous of our fluidity
Envious of the river you release
It thirst for your liquid
We are H2o masters
Cause condensation
Our sex make water jealous
It cries tears
Wanting to be baptised
Born again as our fluid pleasures

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