#FreestyleFriday – Eyes, life, sighs, touch, scream

#FreestyleFriday words: Eyes, life, sighs, touch, scream

They are the windows to your coco brown soul
I see the your pleasures in them
Watch as they become transfixed
As I place my tip at your entrance
Become glazed
They plead
Your dilated pupils
Open wide
Mirror the motion of your legs

Screams are silent
As I slide in deep
Sink slow
Offer you the length of my want
Your eyes project audio
Deafening silence
Tort eyebrows
Oval shaped mouth
Eyelids become butterflies

They escape
Break free from your lungs
Carry the dialect of release
Speak the language of your body
This small, short expulsion of air
It is filled it emotion
Stuff with expression
Coated with sentiment

This is what our eyes do
Touch each other
Gazes that caress
Looks that stroke
Our eyes fondle
Pull the other closer
Coil around each other
Glide into the deep of our vision
Make contact
Although they don’t touch

Our sex gives birth to affirmations
Confirms our existence
It is a mantra
It is church
It is God

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