Eroticnoire’s ‘ice’ challenge – level 2

Over the last few days I’ve had several followers send me their audio recordings of them attempting the ‘ice’ challenge. I have to say impressed by the determination and restraint. Call it stubbornness or simply having a submissive streak these fans do put in the effort to ‘follow’ my instructions.

It’s because of this I’ve decided to up the game and take the challenge to a new level. There are two challenges and both have time restrictions on them. The same overall instruction applies:
Grab a bowl of ice
Put a towel under you
Lay down with legs tucked up into your chest
And you’re not allowed to cum

The difference is …
Challenge 1: You have just 2 mins (120 seconds) to count to 100 using an ice cube to circle your nib. you are not allowed to pause, stop or take moments to catch your breath. If you fail this task you shall repeat it until you succeed.

Challenge 2: You’ll take an ice cube, pull back the skin covering your nib and write my name (in full … ‘Mr Eroticnoire’) on your nib. You’ll do this until the ice cube is half way melted. Once it gets to this stage you’ll slide it inside yourself and use your fingers to circle your nib 69 times. Again, you are not allowed to cum

This is your next level ‘ice’ challenge.

Mr E

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