It sounds like ‘sh’

It’s the sound of a secret
Kept only amongst the closet of friends
Taken to the grave
Hidden behind lips that will never speak

It is the sound comfort
Protection from this worlds judgement
Freedom to be yourself

It is the sound of a playful whisper
An almost invisible dialogue
Butterfly wing flutters of phonics
A gentle breeze of calm

It is the sound of release
The sound you make after you inhale deep
Exhale slow through clenched teeth
It’s the precursor to blissful profanity

It is the sound of delicious indulgence
The authority wielded over another
A command dictating they must obey
Remain silent in the deafening pleasure you give

It’s the sound of your pleasure
Your freedom
Your authority
Your release
Your secret

It is the sound of where you can be you
It is ‘sh’

Written by Mr Eroticnoire | Twitter: @eroticnoire | Instagram: @eroticnoire_2 |
#eroticpoet #eroticwriter #eroticauthor #blackerotica #blacktumblr

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