Hold me (when you)

I love when you
Hold me in your hands
Feel my weight
Coil your fingers around my girth
Squeeze gentle
Place my tip on the edge of your wetness
Ease yourself down
Guide me
Control my urgent want
Embrace my hardness
Use it to part your lips
How you contract
Grip me
Ease up
Hold me in your palm
Press my tip against your nib
Pleasure yourself
Feed you own delights
Tease yourself
Until you buck
Then slide me in
Let your weight full down
Press down on my hardness
I love when you
Hold me in your hands


  1. I just found this website after I entered a tumblr rabbit hole… This was the very first poem I read and I never comment on blogs, but this is beautiful and your page has been officially bookmarked…
    PS- I read it back again and changed it to ‘her’ (“I love when I hold you in my hands”) and let’s just say I’m glad I didn’t find this blog last week when I was too horny to concentrate. Lol

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