Letter of intentions – 7.3.14

I want you to know that I’m writing these letters for you. I’m writing them so that you … we, can go on a journey of your pleasure. When you read these letters understand it’s all about you and only you.

The focus is for you to let go, be free. No restrictions, no holding back, no judgements. I want you to explore and become lost in what we do. I want you to surrender, to submit. Succumb not just to me but to yourself and the sexuality that is within you. My asking you to submit isn’t to demonstrate your weakness; it’s not for me to abuse my authority. Your submission is the opposite; it’s so you can gain power in being guided to something new. Your submission is so you can become free to embrace all of yourself and your pleasure.

As we take this journey I want you to be comfortable, at ease … assured. I want you to offer me your clit, your wetness, your spasms … your orgasms. Offer them to me knowing that I will keep them safe, honour them. All I ask, all I request is you allow yourself to trust and enjoy your pleasure.

Every week I’ll send you two tasks. There is no set day or time I’ll send them – I believe spontaneity and surprises are always good.

Let’s explore, let’s discover and let me guide you into new places of your pleasure

Mr E

p.s read your tasks here:
‘Ice’ – http://wp.me/p1IvlS-Ff
‘Bullet’ – http://wp.me/p1IvlS-FC

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