Freestyle Friday 2

Eroticnoire’s Freestyle Friday

5 random words. One erotic poem
Stubborn territory game music ravish

Ravish your rosebud with gentle tongue motion
Music of pleasure is all I want you to perform
Game winning rapturous applause
Territory of unreleased lust is where I wish for you to become lost
Stubborn terrors that cause you to flinch in your sleep
This is how I want to pleasure you
Slide inside you with hard stubborn strokes
Claim your wetness as my territory
Procession of my length evokes your praise
Your music
Punish you
Ravish you until you submit
Until you surrender the joyful shudder of your release
Cause your orgasm proclaim end of game
Game over
Soft kiss you and reset
And start again … | Twitter: @eroticnoire | Instagram: @eroticnoire_2 |
#eroticpoet #eroticwriter #eroticauthor #blackerotica

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