Letter of instruction – 6.3.14

This is for you. You’ve inspired me. This is for you, for your pleasure. I wrote this so that you can explore, learn, discover … push your boundaries. This is so you can sink into the pleasures of yourself. Sink into your submitting, having your body dictated to, governed. What I ask of you is not about me, it’s about and for you. I want you to feel comfortable, at ease, to feel free in your expression. This space is ours, it’s for you and I so please don’t be concerned with anything else – the focus is just one thing … your pleasure.

This task is called ‘ice’

Tonight you must not cum. You must hold onto it for me.

Tonight, when you’re alone I want you to get a bowl of ice from the freezer and lay yourself down. Place a towel under your ass and spread your legs wide, open the pages of your legs for me. Gently pull back the skin covering your nib. Feel it become vulnerable. Feel it pulse with anticipation. Then take an ice cube and hold it above your clit. Let 3 droplets fall onto your nib – count them out aloud.
Then begin your task…
I want you to circle your clit with the ice cube. Circle it and count to 100 for me. Make each rotation last for the count of two.
I wish for you to take your time … there is no rush for this indulgence, there is any rush in enjoying your pleasure.

Count out loud and as you count say these words between each number. say …
1 …
My clit belongs to Mr E
2 ….
I am his submissive
3 …
I surrender my clit to Mr E
4 ….

Continue to count out aloud. Continue to say your words … own them as you say them. As you count do not stop – Slow down, but do not stop. If you stop you must start again.

As you circle your clit imagine it’s my tongue, imagine I’m between your legs and my tongue is circling your clit. Imagine my lips brushing against your wetness. Imagine feeling the warmth of my breath on your clit. Imagine my tongue swirling around your clit. Hear the sound of your wetness as I taste you, soft suck on your clit, slurp on your juices … imagine this as you count, as you say your words.

Remember – you must not cum. You can only come with my permission, when I request you cum for me.

I want to offer you pleasure. Offer you indulgence. Take you on a journey…

Notes: use the voice memo/note app on your phone. Take your phone and make an audio of you performing your task. I don’t want you to send it to me. You are not required to send it to me but instead you’ll keep it as it will form part of your next task.

I want you celebrate your pleasure, reveal in it and become free in it.
I want you to count for me.

Mr E

p.s. read my letter of intention here: http://wp.me/p1IvlS-Fk
and your next task here: http://wp.me/p1IvlS-FC


    1. you’re pleasure is my focus, its my only objective.
      I’m glad you’ll be counting for me … thank you.
      As for how long you’ll wait for permission … you’ll have to be patient Miss Amara

      Mr E

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