Say it
Say it with vexed surrender
Fill your lungs until they swell
Then let the words grate against your vocal cords as you proclaim your submission
Say it
Say it as your breath stammers
Fumbles you’re your mouth
Declare it
Affirm your yielding to my authority
say it with passionate profanity
Plead to the Almighty
Grit your teeth
Crush your determination in your jaw
Say it
Snarl your succumbing to my prevailing title.
Implore me to govern you as you offer yourself
Look into my gaze
Say it with whimpered softness
Kneel down before me with your eyes
Ask for permission with your pupils
Bite your bottom lip as you mumble these words
Say it
Release coarse squeals as you exhale
let your vulnerability pull these words out from your belly
As you articulate in grainy expression acquiesce to my proprietorship
Say it with the H2o audio of your eloquent dialogue
Say it
Say it again
and again
Repeat it like an echo
Accept the realisation of my possession
Battle with short quick breaths as I claim what belongs to me
Say it
Say it with obedient resolve
Say it with compliant abrasive inflections
Say it
Say it with sorrowful octaves
With docile yielding
Decree it
Broadcast it along your full vocal range
Say it with whispered pleading
Say it
Say it with emotion
With vexation
With joy
With delight
Say it
Say who owns your pussy

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