I want to lay down between your thighs
Fill them with the circumference of my waist
Have you wrap your legs around me
Have you feel me
Press against them so they reach maximum capacity of me
I want to slide inside you
Enter you so your walls become obese with my girth
Feel me exceed your volume
Press against your tight fortification
I want you to grab hold of my back
Press your hands against my muscles
Feel them surpass the span of your fingers
Outstrip your reach
Dig your nails into my skin
Take me in
Pull me into you
Feel your senses strain
Cause your mind to become overly extended
Full with pleasures
I want you to feel your wetness become fraught
Weighted with the bulk of my hardness
Stretched H2o torrents
Overflowing with hard-pressed dissemination of my thrusts
I want fill you
Fill your spasms until they become fat
Plump with tingles
Have you clench
Feel the fullness of your tightness become restricted
Overflowing the dimensions of me
I want to push in deep with music rhythm strokes
Fill you with the sound of your own shudders as you to gasp
release overweight moans
Fill you until you expand
Become inflated with overwhelming jolts
Until your clit swells with nerve ending expansions
I want to fill you until
your orgasm burst
Full from the fullness of me


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