Gymrotica: The power plate

Adebimpe Akingboye had been going to the gym since the start of the New Year. Like thousands of others she made a resolution to get in shape, be healthy and accomplish the summer body dream.
She planned to go Jamaica with the girls for the summer and wanted to be able to feel good about her figure and feel sexy. To ensure her goal was achieved she booked session with a personal trainer Darcus, Darcus Isaiah Clement Kennedy (dick, mr d.i.c.k). She had wondered if he lived up to his name during a couple of their sessions but never let it interfere with their profession relationship of client and trainer. That was until Darcus came to the gym, not in his usual tracksuit bottoms and hoodie, but shorts and vest.

Adebimpe saw him at reception and instantly it felt like a thunder storm and erupted between her thighs. Dark, deep, menacing clouds of lust formed. Winds of imagination started to howl and whistle through her mind. The air of her focus became moist and humid. Rain of fantasies where imminent but she was holding them back. She held them back until Darcus stepped from behind the desk and she saw his shorts and the thick, long outline of him embossed in the material of his shorts.
Lighting of tingles flashed and crackled and wetness began to pour down from her woman clouds.

A deluge flooded her leggings and formed a rapid river threatening to burst the banks of her knickers and rush down her legs. Panic, excitement, want and embarrassment whirled up into a tornado inside her. Ade was blushing even though she knew coco skin would hide any flash of her skin. Darcus approached and Ade felt her nib boom as lighting and thunder crackled and exploded inside her.

Darcus smiled, as he always did, but this smile was glazed with a subtle hint of something different. Ade wondered if he could sense her arousal, if he wore what he did to evoke a reaction and was happy to see it had worked. He approached Ade and unlike his usual handshake he placed his hand on her waist and pulled her close and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Ade was unprepared and taken aback but found her body and responded without her permission returning the embrace. Her hand matched his and found his side, the other gravitated to his arm – it was solid, firm, bulged in her hand making them feel small and overpowered by his muscles.

Thunder boomed again between her thighs.

Ade inhaled as he placed the kiss on her cheek; he smelt of a delicious mix of manly musk, coco butter and Channel Blue. Her eyes slowly closed as the aroma took her away into the eye of the storm raging in her body. Darcus pulled away quickly leaving Ade to fall back to the reality of the gym.
Flustered and dazed Darcus told her he was going to introduce her to a new piece of equipment; the smile from earlier appeared on his lips. He turned and walked over to the warm up area leaving Ade to follow.

It was still raining inside Ade. Thousands of water drop soldiers marched down into her leggings. She swore she could smell it, and if she could Darcus could too. Part of her was embarrassed by it; part of her hoped he could. Hoped he could smell the moisture that was causing her lips to glide and slip against each other as she walked. She wanted him to smell the aroma of her want. The outline of his length kept whispering to her eyes, reaching out and pulling her pupils to them.

The clouds rolled and swelled as Darcus put her through her paces of their usual workout routine
Star jumps
Push ups
Darcus was pushing her to her limit more than usual. He body was screaming. Her muscles were sore but felt alive. He stood close as he egged her on, instructing her, telling her to push herself further. The combination of his proximity, he’s voice, the outline of his length created static electricity and rain to crackle and flood her mind. Her pulse raced, her breathing heavy, her body weak. It was like Darcus for fucking her through her workout, they were having sex through her exercises. Her nib thundered and she tingled. She looked at Darcus and that smile had now become a permanent fixture on his face. He would normally correct her posture and use his hands to position her correctly but today he didn’t touch her just stood close, leaned over her, softly snarled at her to give him more, push harder.

Ade was dripping with sweat and dripping with want. Just then Darcus paused and licked his lips. Ade could feel her nib shudder. She didn’t realise she said it out aloud until Darcus repeated it asking for confirmation.
“You hate me?”
His eyes became the smile on his lips; wide, bright, mischievous. He nodded slowly and told Ade she was now ready for the new equipment and walked over to a corner of the gym. The machine was a circular base and column rising up from it crowned with two handlebars. Darcus introduced Ade to the Powerplate. He instructed Ade to stand on it, hold on to the handle bars and squat down. As she assumed the position the image of her straddling Darcus’ length invaded her mind. Her nib rumbled with deafening thunder. A torrent of wetness burst the banks of her kickers and engulfed her leggings in wetness. She bit her lip to help her focus and that’s when it happened.

Darcus turned on the machine and her entire body began to vibrate. Ade gasped and her eyes popped open. She could feel the reverberation in her nib. It was as if Darcus had put a vibrator on her nib, on its tip, as if he was standing behind her and was holding it against her. A soft moan melted out of her mouth. Her nipples became pebbles and the tremor tumbled down her body and between her thighs. The hum of the powerplate sounded like her rabbit – deep, low, soft. Flashbacks of past pleasures with her toy rolled around her mind. The past and the present merged … clashed and thunderous shivers caused Ade to grip the handlebars tighter. She closed her eyes and could feel the pulsation in the soles of her feet, feel it bubble up her legs, feel it cause her already trembling thighs to judder. She could feel it rumble into her ass, feel it make her cheeks shake, move, vibrate. Her nib – her centre was throbbing, humming with pleasuring. It felt as if her wetness was spilling out from deep inside her. She couldn’t help but let out a long drawn out moan. She suddenly heard Darcus’ voice in her ear
‘Hold that position!, don’t you dare move, hold it!’
Ade felt herself clench, tighten at his instruction. It was rugged, gritty and commanding; he’d never sound like this before. Ade gripped tighter and mumbled her acknowledgement to follow his instruction. She could hear the muffled sound of others in the gym, hear the sound of people running on the treadmills; the sound rhythmic. She could hear the instructor from the spin class yelling to his class to ‘come on! push harder!’. She could hear the clanking of the weight machines, the sound of the men grunt and groan as they pushed weights. It all blended with the sound of Darcus’ voice, his smell, his commands go keep going, to not stop. Ade’s body was trembling, shaking from holding the squat position, trembling from the vibration of the machine. She was being pulled deeper into the full body reverberation of the powerplate, being pulled deeper into the juddering of her nib. She moaned again, louder this time.

The base of her spine rattled with deep pulsations as she bit her lip again trying to stifle her moans. She heard Darcus hum; it was pondering and reflective. Suddenly without warning the vibration intensity increased, became louder causing Ade to let out a four letter expletive. She was humming. Her body buzzed as the sensations tumbled up her spine and coiled around her waist and up the back of her neck. She could feel it hum in her head, her vision become blurred and then cascade downwards through her body back to her nib. She was climbing. Beginning to twitch and jerk. She needed to stop but didn’t want to either. Darcus was whispering in her ear to keep going. Her body was tensing up, her centre spasming as Darcus turned the powerplate up once more.

Ade’s eyes popped open and all noise around her stopped, became mute. She could only feel, she could only hear the vibration of the powerplate as she climaxed right there in the corner of the gym. Her legs began to buckle as she tried to hold herself steady. Wetness, spasms and a thunderstorm exploded from deep inside her walls as wave after wave after wave of convulsions stuttered through her body. Her moan tumbled out her mouth and on to the floor as she lowered her head to stop herself from twitching. Gritting her teeth. snarling with determination and pleasure.
Darcus press the stop button and Ade collapsed onto the floor. Body still shaking. Finger tips still tingling. Her centre still spasming. She didn’t care if people saw, knew or was watching. Her breathing staccato she tried to regain herself as she looked up at Darcus. He was hard, he’s length extended in his shorts. The embossed outline more pronounced. The sight alone caused her to have another violent orgasm while she lay on the gym floor breathing hard and fast.

Darcus smiled and said ‘Your session is complete, see you in two days’ time.’ And walked off leaving Ade on the floor still tingling. She looked at the machine and thought to herself ‘I’ve just found my new favourite machine in the gym.’

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