magician (the wand)

I am a captive audience
Front row seat to her performance
Baited breath sits on the edge of the seat of my excitement
Pulse gallops
Stampedes to the focal point
Offers a standing ovation even before she’s concluded her show
Tingles clap with exhilaration
Eyes are spotlights
Shine bright
All other concerns fall into the shadows
Her nib is centre stage
Swollen with silent confidence
The ebony curtains of her legs open
She wears a cape of coco brown silk
It drapes over her nib
She pulls it upwards
Reveals her rose bud
I am in awe
Forget to breathe
My heart performs a drumroll beat
She pulls out her wand from the sleeve of her pillowcase
Presses the button
Smiles with her eyes
Deep hum
She bites her bottom lip
Swirls her wand
Starts humbles a mantra
A mystic spell
Sinks into a trance
Her wand vibrates
Rumbles across her nib
I am caught in her spell
My eyes are blurred focus
Watch her performance
Drink in this talented artist of self-pleasure
Gripped tight by her wetness
Her moans coil around me
The presence of her shudders expand
Fills the room
She levitates
Rises upward
Lifted by throbbing
Suspended by tingles
Held aloft by convulsions
Her chanting becomes louder
Stammers incoherent vernacular
My head spins
My other head swells
Accepting disbelief
Her wand is enchanting
Charms her nib
Sharp gasp
Sudden moan
She pauses
Her eyes flash open
From the magicians hat between her thighs
She pulls out a liquid flower of release
Sprays me
Her performance is beautiful
My applaud is loud silence

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