Fingers (his words)

Fingers – written by Eroticnoire

His words caress her
paint images between her thighs
Imagination unfolds
As does her woman petals
She sits on her bed
Legs open
She is a book
Legs are pages
His words written in her mind
On the lines of her wetness
She touches herself
Longs to have me perform poetry
Recite his words on her clit
Her fingers scribble
Perform calligraphy across her lips
She moans
Verbalises his words in gasps
Expresses in articulate vowels
Wetness utters her pleasure
Fingers slide slow
Waters speaks in sloppy audio
Slender fingers dance
Move with boldness
Frantic focus
Cause her to inhale
Immersed in soft folds
Sink into her ocean
Submerged in waves
Evoke pleasures radpids
White cream swirls
She clenches
Moans profanity
Her rose bud smiles
She laughs with delight
Overcome with tingles
Joyfully filled with shudders
She can feel his words
They stroke her walls
Press against her gspot
Move with firm delicate pressure
Fill her
They are the applause
An accolade of her rapture
Her fingers coated in her praise | Twitter: @eroticnoire | BBM pin:7c205b89 | Skype: eroticnoire | Instagram: @eroticnoire_ | |
#eroticpoet #eroticwriter #eroticauthor #blackerotica


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