I want to use my tongue and flirt with your clit. Be playful with it using subtle gestures of tongue swirling humour. Use my tongue to engage it in witty banter that causes tingles to smile in its tip. Take a leisurely tongue swoop across your lips until your wetness relaxes and flows fluid. Circle your nib so you see the interest of my want. Take my time. Offer open invitations of pleasures. Place my tongue at the entrance of your acceptance and wait. Be still until you moan your acceptance. Glide my tongue between the rose petals of your curiosity. Restrain. Pause. Before I action my offer of nerve ending giggles that cause your nib to smile. I want to use my tongue persuade your nib to converse with my tongue. Engage in a dialogue of pulse with my tongue. I want to amuse your wetness with the confidence of my mouth, its silently reassured poise. Use subtle brushes against your folds until your body temperature raises. Give eye contact long to your entrance, hold its gaze. Write playful notes on the tip of your clit. Give it suggestive messages of circle tongue strokes. Indulge it with unhurried calmness. Innuendos of my warmth breath of you clit. Float my tongue through your moist petals. Grace it them with unstructured motions. Leave you guessing. Wondering. Intrigued. Cause your imagination to blend with mystery. Leave the mind of your clit caught between the vagueness of faint tongue strokes and the reality of its subtle pressure on your nib. I want to cause your clit to think. Spark it with rhetorical dialogue. Charm it with the allure of swirls. Engage it with intellectual feature caress. Leave you wondering. Pondering on who I am, yet assured in my honest oral disclosure. I want to adorn your clit with gifts of my tongue. Soft suck on it with long tongue compliments. Use my lips and pamper it with delicate pulls. Give your clit freedom. Lead it astray into a place of full body spasms. Sudden aftershocks. I want to seduce your clit.

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