It’s a beautiful contradiction

Eyes filled with surrender. Disbelief. Questioning. Confused worry. You blink, head leans back. You return to your gaze to me. Face changed. Now filled with angry passion. Vexed lust. Vengeance dances in your pupils. Carnal. Teeth gritted. Intent on reciprocating. One stroke and it is replaced. Reverts back. Submission. Incredulity. You know this moment to be real yet wonder. Amazed. Beseech that it be endless. Plead. Fluctuating decibels. Disjointed breath. Staccato dialog. Slow waistline rotation. Jagged gasp escapes. Joyful reverence. Deep stroke. Wince. Hiss. Hum a song of pleasurable bliss. request more. demand it.

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