My tongue wants to take a holiday between your thighs
Busk in the sunshine of your nib
Soak in its rays of ultraviolet throbs
Become kissed by its glow
My tongue wants to become radiant from its warm
Walk alone the coastline of your woman shoreline
Have the ocean of your wetness lap at its tip
Swim in your tropical waters
Skinny dip in your lagoon
Dive naked into your depths
My tongue wants to take a holiday between your thighs
Discover your hidden secrets
Become one with your heritage
Explore uncharted regions of your delicate folds
Become immersed in the culture of your nerve endings
Take in their wisdom
Dance all night on the dancefloor of entrance
Listen to the music of clit
The baseline of your vaginal heartbeat
Celebrate life with laughter
Smile with the curve in your lips
Become free from concerns of 9-5
Yet work overtime
Swirl away the frustration of bills
Slurp until rush hour blues become jazz
My lips want to take a holiday between your thighs
Sip on the cocktail your intoxicating pleasures
Become drunk on your juices
Slurp on your beverage
Have a romance with your nib
Seduce it
Sweep it off the feet of its rose petals folds
Soft suck on it with supple motions
Learn the dance of your nib
Move to its rhythm
Have my tongue dance
Get on bad with your nib
Slow whine with raw wire waistline motions
Skank with high grade mediation consciousness on you clit
Make it sing the national anthem
Until your body wants to emigrate to the paradise of my mouth
My tongue wants to take a holiday between your thighs

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