my intention, my focus, my disclaimer

I’m gonna fuck you until your
Thoughts hurtle through your mind
Senses bumper-car crash
Logic grates on the jagged edges of your want
Tingles dash along the track of your nerve endings
Emotions become shredded
Giggles dart cross the skin
Lust accelerates to speed of light
Desire bursts its banks
Wetness gallops from your woman valley
Spasms split down your legs
Convulsions become an angry and charge through you
Tension tears apart your inhibition
Shudders overthrow you
Words sprint from inside you
Breathe becomes slashed
Lungs rushed
Pores hasten to sing a song of perspiration
Vertebrae coil up on themselves
Toes form loops
Build up stampedes from inside you
And you release so hard
So deep
The world becomes still
You hear butterfly wings
Time stands still
And you blackout
To the sound of your vocal explosion

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