ego trippin

I like when I slide inside you
When your eyes roll back
I like to push in deep
So your eye brows crease
I love to go hard and fast
So your mouth makes shapes
Like when I’m raw and coarse
And your clench your fists and grab bedsheets
I love when I push in at angles and hit your gspot
How your pussy spasms and grips my hardness
I get high off position I put you in
How you beg for me and call my name
I get a buzz off when I go deep
Love when I go long
Get a kick when I go hard
When you legs shake
Your toes curl
Makes you cuss
Sparks fire inside
When you release hard
I love it when I do these things
So you can go brag
Tell your girls you got some good dick
And they say…
You just ego trippin

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