combination (her confession pt3)

Said she likes when she is in her glorious position
Face down
Ass up
How she bits the bites the pillow
Screams into it
Hears her muffled sound
As hardness slides deep into soft-wetness
How firm hands sharp impact rains down on her ass
She likes how her blood become scattered inside her
Rushes to her head
Makes her dizzy
Fountains up to her clit
Makes it tingle
Burns under her ass cheeks
Give her a delicious sting of pins and needles
She said it’s empowering
Being submissive
Being held down
Made to submit to relentless thrust
Made to accept strong force of reprimanding hands
Likes how it’s raw
Brutally luscious
How it’s animalistic
Yet make her feel human
True to her being
Connected with her higher self
The precision makes her dance
The beat of hands on sculpture flesh
The rhythm of bodies clapping
An applaud to this beautiful performance
This theatrical wonderment
It is art
A masterpiece of pleasure
It is a stroke of sensual genius
Said she like the feel of him deep
Long strokes that touch her roof
Give her that bitter-sweet pain deep inside her stomach
How it mixes with the sting of his hand on her ass
An intoxicating cocktail
Said she becomes drunk off this beverage of pleasure
Said she likes when she is in her glorious position
Face down
Ass up
this combination makes her weak

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