she likes to be spanked

She likes it
Begs for it
Craves the beautiful sting
The sudden shock of impact
It makes her gasp
Ignites her
Strips her of self determination
The crack of the force
Sings to her ears
Makes her senses dance
She can taste its bitter-sweet torture
It floods her body
Washes away her logic
Ravages her decorum
Lays waste her demureness
Its stings
Shape tingles
Makes her wince
Causes her to smile
Makes her wet
Shock of it moves her body
Rocks her with reverberation
Vibrations echo through her flesh
Ripples travel along her form
Makes her weak
Forces her to be weak
A subject to its authority
Her being surrenders to it
Desires this
Pleads for more
Her lust is starved
She feeds
Feasts on the banquet of pleasurable-pain
Dines on it
Contours her form
Elevates her curve
This supple flesh is her sacrifice
Offers her flesh to this religion
Joyous delight tears through her
Captive to this raw-elegance
Confined with strong hands
Held with delicate care
This beautiful sting of impact sets her free


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