My tongue is your pollinator
A butterfly
Wings of its taste buds beat fast yet silent
Coloured with want
Flutters with desire
Slides between your petals
Dips inside
Touches your bud
The stigma of your flower
Until it is coated in your pollen
A soft layer of sticky wetness
Carries it from the flower between your thighs
Travels over the landscape of you
Nestles in the beautiful flower of your rose petal lips
Allows you to taste your nectar
So you too know nature’s sweetest flavour
Pollinates your mouth
Creates a fusion of saliva and your pollen
Butterfly flaps downwards
Returns to your awaiting woman flower
Lands on moist petals
Moves slowly
Bathes inside your delicate folds
Taste your nectar
Until your body blossoms
And you release a floral display of colourful bliss

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