Diary of Us snippet – May 13

May 13th

She took me in her mouth. Held me with her hands. Wrapped her lips around my hardness, pulled on it with her mouth. She used her tongue, coiled it around my tip. I wished she was you. Preyed her to become you…

I hated her, hated myself. Was angry, vexed. Bitterness swirling in my head, pain in my heart. I fucked her with hatred, fucked her with angry regret. She made sounds, moan with pleasure. Told me harder her. I hated her sounds. Loathed her voice. Fucked her harder hoping she would stop, wanted to hurt her. Take out my frustration on her. Fucked as if she was the cause of my pain. Pushed deep into her. Snared, growled. Called her a names …
I released white tears, a million tears from the eye of my masculinity. Weeping sorrow, sobbed. I knew what had taken place could never be undone. Knew one day you would know of this transgression. I didn’t pray for God to forgive me, I prayed he’d allow you to …

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