The invitation … the instruction … the demand

I love the way you whisper your invitation
Make subtle your summons
Offer your enticement to me through clenched teeth
Coat your temptation with delicious profanities
Repeat your request like a mantra

I love the way you dictate your instruction
Script your lesson with your fingers
Impart your self knowledge on to me
Enlighten me, school me
Teach me your dialect of tone
Encourage me with you tutoring
Give me religious education
Reiterate your need for pleasurable-pain

I love the way you snarl your demand
Let it explode out your mouth
Dictate your command with
Become insistent
Snatch it from my being
Claim it as your own
Beg me to fulfil your request
Plead for me to be exact

i love your invitation, your instruction, your demand

Listen to this while you read (headphones maybe required)
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