Eva Okah’s story: submission pt2

It was just gone passed midday and Eva was working from home on her next show. The last few days had been unusually hot for UK summer and she loved it. She waltzed around the house in her oversized t-shirt floating between her bedroom, the kitchen and the living room. The episode of last night echoed in Eva’s mind. She tried to work out how and why she was so turned on by it all. Her mind, her logic was shouting at her to fix up and not allow, in essence a stranger, control her like Marcus did. However, her body, was a live with the pleasure of being dominated, being controlled the way Marcus controlled her. It was a clash of mind and body and right now her body was way out in the lead in the race of indulgent pleasures. Her pussy was still tingling and begging to be touched, pleading for release. It’s a good thing she was working from home because Marcus had left her hornier than a nymphomaniac on Viagra. Her t-shirt would brush against her nipples as she moved around the house making her wet. She would have to pause mid-stride and take a deep breath just to still her mind and calm her body down – she was on heat. Eventually she settled on the living room floor and started to work on her show. Eva and her creative team had come up with the topic of the representation of Nigerian women in Nollywood films. This show was the biggest and most ambitious show to date; she had secured three of the top actresses to agree to do a panel discussion. Patience Ozonkwo, Kate Henshaw Nuptal and Genevieve Nnanji were due to appear on the show. Patience and Kate were due to be in London to promote a new film they were in, it was the biggest Nollywood film ever. Genevieve was had just written a new book and was promoting that. It was unheard of to have that many top Nigerian actresses in London at any one time, on one platform – Eva was over the moon to have secured them all for her show. She sat down to do some more background research on her guests and formulate the debate that would take place. Nigerian women can be fiery at the best of times so she had to ensure that it was passionate but still didn’t tip over into anything too controversial.

Just then her phone rang, it was lunch time and she knew it was Marcus even before she reached for the phone. She looked at the screen; his name flashed up at her. Instantly she felt her pussy twitch and start to get wet. Images, sensations, tension of last night thundered in her body, flashed in her mind. Her heart was already beating fast. She took a deep breath and cleared her throat.
‘Hello Marcus.’
‘Excuse me?’
‘I’m sorry, Hello sir.’
‘Better. Make that mistake again and you’ll be punished. Do you understand?’
‘Yes sir.’
Eva’s mind was scrambled. Here she was about to prepare to interview 3 of Nigeria’s biggest film stars and yet she’s allowing herself to be dominated like this. Here she was one of UK’s most prominent TV chat show hosts and yet she was being spoken to like this. She was giving this man control over her. He was making her do things to herself, touch herself at his command. Her she was getting wet at the sound of his voice. Here she was getting excited by what he may command her to do. It was conflicting yet her body wanted more, want to explore this new experience.
Marcus’ voice interrupted her thoughts.
‘What do you have on?’
‘Just a t-shirt …. Just a t-shirt SIR’ Eva corrected herself quickly.
‘Where in your house are you?’
‘I’m in the living room sir, doing some work on the living room floor.’
‘Good. I want you to get on your knees. Kneel down like you’re about to prey and sit back on your heels.’
She sun was stream in throw the window and created a spot of light on the floor. Eva did as she was told and got down onto her knees in the middle of her living room.
‘I’m on my knees sir’ she told Marcus.
‘Now you to plug in your hands free headphones and put the phone down just in front of you but between your legs.’
Eva plugged in her headphones and put the phone down on the floor. She hadn’t realised until then that her breathing had increased and it was becoming heavier.
‘Spread your knees wide and imagine you’re kneeling on my tongue.’
Eva closed her eyes and moaned at the thought of sitting on his face riding his tongue. The sun felt warm on her skin, the breeze gently blowing through the window.
‘I want you to imagine riding my tongue. Now slow whine like you’re on my tongue. Feel it slide inside you. Imagine your juices dripping down my chin and onto my chest.’
Eva began to grind her hips in slow swooping circles. Her body jerked each time she made a complete rotation. Jerk as if Marcus’ tongue was swirling around her clit as she rotated her hips. She inhaled and moaned as she continued to gyrate in her living room.
‘Now reach down and touch your pussy with your middle finger, just let your finger rest between your lips.’
Marcus’ voice came through the headphones softly. Directly into Eva’s ear as if her were there whispering to her.
‘Keep on whining for me and glide your finger up and down between your lips; make your finger wet.’
Eva followed her instructions and let her finger slide up and down between her lips. She was trickling, dripping with wetness. She involuntarily started to whine harder against her finger as its slick motions evoked the tension from the previous night. she gasped as her pussy spasmed with pleasure.
‘Slow down!’ Marcus could hear Eva’s breathing change. ‘Now put both index and middle finger inside your pussy and squeeze.’
Eva sat back further on her heels and opened her knees wider as she slid her two fingers inside herself.
‘oh … shit!’ Eva’s moaned as her eyes opened feeling her fingers sink inside her tightness and caressing her walls.
‘Curl your fingers up into your gspot and stroke it, caress it, press your fingers against it and slow whine for me. Squeeze your pussy and slow whine like you’re riding my tongue.’
Eva’s pussy spasmed as the tips of her fingers caressed the textured nub of her gspot causing her to shudder forward. Her fingers we drenched in her juices. Her wetness was streaming from insider her coating her fingers. The build up from the night was bubbling up quickly with urgent speed.
‘oh yes, yes … Yes … YES!’ Eva was rocketing skyward to her release. Her body was stuttering as the unreleased orgasm was pressing outwards from deep inside her.
‘STOP!’ Marcus orders came sharp and sudden throwing Eva back to the earth of restraint. ‘Take your fingers out your pussy and taste yourself, taste your juices.’
As Eva slowly slipped her fingers out of her tightness her body shook with blissful-sadness at her fingers leaving empty. She put her wet fingers on her tongue and wrapped her lips around them slurping on her own juices. They tasted sweet and tangy. The sound of her sucking on her own fingers sparked more desire in Eva and she moaned as she licked the remaining essence off her fingers. Her body was yearning to release.
‘Please sir, please can I cum, please.’ Eva begged Marcus.
There was a moment of silence and Marcus hummed as he considered his response.
‘You really want to cum don’t you?’ he replied
‘Yes sir, please. My pussy is begging for release.’
Marcus was silent for a moment and then tutted.
‘It is not your pussy, its mine.’
‘I’m sorry sir, YOUR pussy is begging for release, can she cum for you?’
Marcus ignored Eva’s plea
‘Put your fingers back inside your pussy and stroke your gspot. Push your fingers in deep.
Eva quickly dropped her hand between her legs and slipped her fingers inside herself. She let out a moan of delightful release as the fingers curled up into her gspot and began press on it rocking backwards and forwards. Eva had opened her heels she her ass was now resting on the floor between her heels; her knees were spread wide and her body was rocking against the motion of her fingers.
‘oooh shit, sir you pussy is so wet. She want to cum for you sir.’ Eva moaned as she tumbled upwards to her release. Her body was stuttering, jolting from the convulsions of please that rocked her body with delicious voracity.
‘You want to cum don’t you?’ Marcus asked
‘Yes, yes … I want to cum. I want to cum for you sir.’
‘Who owns your pussy?’
‘You do sir, my pussy is yours; you own it.’
Eva was panting. She could hear the wet slush, sloppy sound as her juice flooded out her pussy onto her fingers that and into the palm of her hand. Her body was thundering with a deep storm of tension building up inside her. Her head was spinning as Eva was being thrown around by the approaching orgasm that was stream rolling to its release. Eva threw her head back and moaned loudly as her stomach began to clench and a vicious heat built up inside her.
‘Who owns your pussy Eva, tell me!!’ Marcus snarled through clenched teeth.
‘You do, you own this pussy, it’s yours, its all yours sir!’
‘Then STOP!!’
Eva screamed at the top of her voice collapsing on to her living room floor. Her legs bucked and kicked wildly as the two unreleased orgasms battled inside her body.
‘No! No! No! …. Arggghhhh!!’ Eva’s scream was heavy with raging vexation and bitterness. ‘FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!’ She curled herself up into a ball tucking her knees into her chest in an attempt to try and contain the spasms, try to suppress the shaking of her body. Eva thumped the floor, cursed, she grit her teeth and shook her head in disbelief that she was letting this happen to her. Why? Why was she doing this to herself? Why is she letting this man control her, deny her of her release? It was as if Marcus could hear her thoughts as he spoke.
‘You said you wanted to push your boundaries, you said you wanted to submit to me. This is your challenge, this is your submission. Your pussy is mine and you will cum when I say.’
Eva was still thumbing the floor and convulsing as she listened to Marcus through the ear piece. She managed to momentarily catch her breath before she spoke.
‘Please Marc … I mean sir, please let me cum. I can’t take it. I give in.’
‘This is not about giving in; you shall do as you are told.’
Eva was sweating as she still lay curled up in a ball waiting for the last remains of the shudders to fade.
‘Yes sir, I understand but when can I cum?’
‘If you ever question me and my authority over your pussy again you’ll be severely punished. Do you dare question me.’
‘I’m sorry sir.’
‘Good, now I want you to clear your diary for tomorrow evening. We shall be meeting in the west end.’
Eva’s eyes and mouth simultaneously popped open and she sprung up into a seating position.
‘Pardon? Meeting? But, but …’
‘Are you questioning me Eva?’
‘No sir, its just that I thought you wanted to remain anonymous.’
‘I do and I will, you just meet me outside Niketown at 8pm. You’ll need to wearing a long dress and heels. We’re going to play a little game of Hide and go Freak.’
Eva’s mind felt weighted with the pressure of the unreleased orgasm still inside her. Now she had to comprehend what Marcus was telling her. She wanted to go, her body was already waiting outside Niketown but her mind was being logical. Yet again Marcus seemed to be reading her thoughts.
‘Don’t worry, you’ll be in a public place at all times. I’ll send you an email tomorrow with your instructions. Until then I suggest you get back to work … you do have work to do don’t you?’
‘Yes sir I do. May I ask a question please?’ Eva couldn’t believe she was actually asking permission to ask a question.
‘Yes you may.’
‘Can I tell a friend about you, about us … its just that … er…’
‘I would expect you to tell someone Miss Okah, safety is paramount. I need you to be comfortable and at ease.’
‘Thank you sir.’ Again Eva couldn’t believe how this conversation was going, asking for permission to ask a question, saying thank you. What next?
‘That is all Miss Okah, go and do some work. We shall speak tomorrow … or maybe later tonight.’
Eva was filled with both excitement and dreaded that prospect of speaking with Marcus again in the evening. She knew that if they did speak he’d probably do the same again and she didn’t know if she could handle it.
‘Goodbye Miss Okah’
Marcus hung up and left Eva sitting on her living room floor still dripping wet and her mind racing. She instantly dialled her friend Bookie to fill her in about Marcus and what was about to take place the following day. As the phone rang Eva tingled at the prospect of meeting Marcus and what he had planned.

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