I love the way you feel on my finger tips
The beauty
An abundant combination of gas and oxygen
I am amazed
Its magic
Has me under a spell
The ebb and flow motion
Its a pendulum of wetness
I am captivated
Moisture whispers to my finger tips
Haunt my tips
Quench my lust’s thirst
Yet always leaves my desire parched
makes me long to feel your fluids
Its the silent glide
The softness of your petals
How the become ocean waves
My fingers splash deep
Touch the walls of your depths
How my thumb discovers your perl
Moves you
Your shudders evokes a tsunami
Tidal wave rushes
Your ocean roars
Floods the palm of my hand
Splashes against the shore of my hand
Trickles down the coastline of your legs
You are seven seas wet
You are H2o

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