Eva Okah’s story: submission pt1

Eva had been speaking with Marcus for over a month and their conversations and banter had been flowing like they’d known each other for years. It would go from jovial, to intellectual to sexual and then back to jovial all in minutes; and all seamlessly. It wasn’t just that the rapport between them was great there were two factors that made this new connection even more appealing. Firstly there was the fact that she actually had never met or seen Marcus. They had ‘met’ on twitter after a friend of hers had retweeted one of his tweets so she decided to follow him. One day he randomly commented on her hair that they looked liked dreads and he like them; from they instantly clicked. They spent several weeks sending each other 140 character messages until one day Marcus sent her a message with his number in it. Eva smiled at his old school gentleman approach:

“Forgive me if I’m being forward but 140 characters limits our convo, may I offer my tel. 07539 XXX XXX. My intentions r honourable.”
She added him on Whatsapp and before she knew it Eva and Marcus were sending messages back and forth throughout the days … and nights. They were both night owls and would message until 1, sometimes 3am. Even though Eva hadn’t seen Marcus she was drawn to his vibe and personality. For her it was refreshing getting to know someone solely based on them as a person and not their looks.
The second, the most appealing factor about Marcus and their rapport, was the fact their unique sexual disposition matched perfectly; he was dominating, she was submissive. The sexual energy between them was intense. He understood and played with her sexually submissive side in a way that made Eva feel comfortable, relaxed and most of all very wet. Eva was intelligent, articulate, upwardly mobile and confident. She was a TV presenter on a Nigerian cable station and had her own talk show which had been running for 2 years. However, Eva loved to be dominated by a man; for him to take control and command her and Marcus understood and match her perfectly.

On his lunch break he would call her and tell her to stop what she was doing and listen to him. He’d spend the next twenty to forty minutes telling her how he’d lay her down on her sofa, spread her legs and taste her until she squirted on his tongue. He’d call her late and night and tell her to play with herself and imagine his head was between her thighs. Marcus knew how to command her in a way that was sensual and arousing yet hard and manly. Eva got so turned on by his commands, so turned on by his descriptive detailed accounts that whenever her phone rang and she saw his number she’d immediately get wet. It was unreal; a mysterious man she had never met had taken control of her via the phone. She loved the fact that she could hear that he was out in public while he told her how he’d taste her. She loved that his voice alone would make her want to cum. Even when he wasn’t on the phone she’d think about previous conversations and get wet. Over the weeks Marcus would make her use her toy on herself while he was on the phone; make her touch herself and follow is instructions.
‘I want you to lie on your back. Spread your legs wide and reach down between your legs and pull back the skin covering your clit; gently tap your clit until it throbs. Then, I want you to glide your fingers slowly up and down between your pussy lips – make them wet. Now, slide them inside yourself, curl them up into your gspot and press against it. Take them out and taste your juices. Put them back on your clit and circle it slowly … I said slowly. Now faster … faster … faster. Make yourself cum for me.’
As Eva was cumming he’d make her say that her pussy belonged to him. He’d ask her who owned her pussy. Say that he commands it? Eva orgasms had never felt as intense as they were when she was on the phone with Marcus – It was a mind fuck. Marcus would call all hours of the day and make Eva play with herself until she would cum – first thing in the morning, at lunch time, evening and late at night. When he wasn’t making her cum he’d call her while she was out in public and tell her how he wants her to straddle his face and slow whine on his tongue until she shudders and cums all over his mouth and down his chest. She would have to try and maintain control of her body and composure. He’d tease her. Ask her who owns her pussy and make her say ‘it’s yours.’ while she was out in a crowded place. It was torture but Eva was hooked. She wasn’t having sex but was having some of the best ‘sex’ she’d had in a long while. She loved that she could be submissive with him and he wouldn’t cross the line. Eva told Marcus that she liked their game and wanted to push her boundaries, test her limits.
It was a Thursday night during their usual late night conversation when Marcus suddenly said he wanted to test her and that if she passed the test she would get a very nice reward.
‘Are you up for it Miss Okah?’ he asked.
Eva was already wet with anticipation and excitement.
‘Yes’ she replied.
‘Hmmm, well, firstly you will now call me Sir. Do you understand?’ he asked. Eva’s pussy clenched and squeezed at his voice.
‘Yes sir?’
‘Good. Secondly, got get some ice from the fridge, you’ll need a bowl full.’ His tone was cool and calm as it was always was. Eva got off her bed and went into the kitchen as instructed. She took the ice trey out popped out several cubes. They clinked and clanked as they landed into the bowl. Eva loved to crush ice with her teeth and popped one in her mouth. She made her way back to her bedroom and sat on her bed.
‘I’m ready’ she whispered into the phone
‘Pardon?’ Came Marcus’ reply
I’m ready … sir.’ Eva had never called anybody sir, not in a sexual context. It was odd and different. She felt like she was speaking to her teacher and she was in trouble. She felt like she was speaking with a master she was his property. It was unusual but she found herself loving the submission, loved the naughtiness of it.
‘Good. Glad you know your place.’ Marcus’ voice became lower, deeper and serious.
‘Now put me on loud speaker and sit with you back against your bed headboard. Pick up an ice cube, open your legs and pull back the skin covering your clit.’
Eva knew what he was going to tell her to do and she was anxious and excited at the same time.
‘Lightly put the ice cube on your clit and let it rest there.’ Marcus’ voice had an undertone of corrupt power in it.
Eva opened her legs and felt the coolness of her bedroom whisper to her pussy. She involuntarily let out a soft moan. She was wet already and the game hadn’t even begun yet.
‘Now, put the ice on your pussy, glide it slowly up and down between your lips.’
Eva braced herself for the coldness she new she’d feel. The ice touched her lips and the shock made her body jolt and she gasped then moaned at the confusing sensation.
‘Glide it down to the base, then up to the tip, then back down. Press it into your lips; press it into your entrance, now slide it up to your clit.’
Eva followed Marcus’ instruction, listened to his deep bassline voice and let her self be controlled by him. The ice was smooth, cool on her lips. Its was slowly melting and merging with her own wetness making it even more slippery. Her lips had swollen, become with blood that has pulsing between her thighs. As she glided the ice up towards her clit her breathing became erratic and rough. She inhaled deep through her glanced teeth.
‘Shit!’ Eva’s body juddered and stuttered as the ice found its way to her clit
‘Fuck … oh shit!’
She sensation made her toes curl into tight knots.
She could hear Marcus smiling down the phone.
‘Now I want to hold it there, let the ice melt onto your clit.’
The cool water of the ice began to trickle over her clit, down between her lips and between her ass cheeks and onto her bed. Eva was trying to steady her breathing, trying to calm her body down but it was still convulsing.
‘Now listen carefully. I want you to circle the ice cube around your clit slowly and I want you to count each time you make a circle. But you cannot cum until I say so. Do you understand?’
‘Yes sir.’
Eva made a slow circle around her nib.
‘1’ – The cold ice slid around her nib making her gasp.
‘2’ – She moaned softly as a trickle of the melting ice ran down between her lips
‘3’ – Her clit pulsed as she made another circle
‘4’ – Eva’s eyes rolled backwards
‘5’ – Her toes curled and flexed as tingles cracked in the arch of her feet
‘6’ – A spasm flexed through her pussy walls and she stuttered
‘… sev … se … seven’ – Eva gasped as the ice cube rolled around her nib
‘oh shit, my pussy’ she moaned
‘Did I tell you to stop!? Keep counting’ Marcus voice came through the phone
Eva swallowed her moan and continued counting
‘8’ – grabbed the bed sheets
‘9’ – her clit was throbbing and her heart pounding
‘10’ – Eva let out a sigh of relief as she got to double figures. A shudder rippled through her.
‘Keep going!’ Marcus commanded.
Eva braced herself and followed his instruction.
‘11’ – the echo of Marcus’ voice was still in her head and she moaned
‘12’ – another trickle of melting ice ran down between her lips. Eva opened her legs wider
‘Now go faster!’
Eva picked up the pace of the rotations around her clit.
‘Oh my God!’
Eva’s eyes popped open as the increased pace made her clit tingle and throb deep. Her breath was caught in her throat.
‘Keep counting, I want to hear you count!’
13 …… 14 …… 15 …… 16 …… 17 …… 18 …… 19 …… 20
Eva struggle to count; her body was jolting. Her senses screaming and her body convulsing.
‘Oh fuck! Shit! yes … Yes … YES!’
Eva was climbing higher and higher as the ice slipped in quick circles around her clit.
‘STOP! Slow down.’ Marcus voice crackled through the phone.
Eva’s body slumped from flat on her bed as the explosive tension building up was halted before it was allowed to detonate. Her breath was fast and short, her body violently tingling begging for release.
‘Now, continue counting … slowly’
Eva’s body was still raging, still expecting the release that didn’t happen. She lay still trying to steady her senses.
‘I said, keep counting!’ Marcus’ voice was rough and coarse as he half barked, half growled his command.
Eva managed to prop herself back up into a seating position and place the ice cube back on her clit. The fast pace had caused it to melt down to almost half its original size. She took a deep breath and started again.
‘21’ – her body shrieked the ice made its first rotation.
‘22’ – the sensations of her unreleased climax began to bubble
‘23’ – Eva’s body jolted forward; a groan from deep inside her stomach stumbled out her mouth
‘24’ – her stomach tensed up and the familiar warmth began to build up between her thighs
‘twen … twen … twent … twenty …twenty-five’ Eva’s body was begging for release. He mind was spinning in all directions
‘I can’t hold it sir. Please. I need to cum’
‘No! I own your pussy. Do you hear me? I control it! You won’t cum unless I say so!’
Marcus voice had become even rougher, even more serious. The sound of his voice, the dominance in his words was pushing Eva even higher.
‘Please sir, please let me cum. Please.’
‘No! Don’t you dare challenge me! I command your pussy, its MINE. Now count faster!’
Eva let out a moan that erupted from her lungs as she picked up pace once more.
‘oh fuck!’ Eva’s voice had turned into an aggressive snarl as the convulsions pulled her body in several different directions at once. She threw her head back against the bedhead
’26 …… 27 …… 28 …… 29… ‘ooooh fuck!’ …… 30
‘who owns your pussy? Marcus asked
‘You do sir.’
‘Keep counting’
…… 31…… 32
‘Who does your pussy belong to?’
‘My pussy belongs to you sir’
……33 …… ‘Sir! I can’t hold it. Please! Eva begged for mercy
‘‘Do as you’re told, faster … faster!’ Marcus was snarling down the phone
…34 … 35 … 36 Eva voice had become louder, more high pitched. She was gasping, breathing hard; her heart was thumping in her chest. Her moans had turned into growling exhales of pleasure
… 37 … 38 … 39 … 40
Eva screamed, her body screamed … her throat was sore. Her body stung as it was snatched from the brink of release. Eva’s legs were shaking, lashing out, bucking as the jolts of pleasure shook her. She was panting hard, heavy. She was gulping air as she tried to calm her body. Her eye was clenched tight.
‘fuck … oh my God! Shit!!’ Eva was cursing loudly. Her words carried the intensity of her torture. Carried the expression of being robbed of her release, yet her body was singing with delight at being commanded. Eva was torn with bitter-sweet bless as she lay on her bed trying to recover.
‘Now, Miss Okah. You may go to sleep. Remember; you are not allowed to cum without my permission, without my say so. Do I make myself clear?
Eva still had her eyes closed and trying to still her mind.
‘Yes sir, I understand’ she replied
‘Good. And who owns your pussy Miss Okah?’
‘You do sir, you own my pussy.’
‘Good girl. Now get some rest, we’ll speak again tomorrow.’
Marcus hung up and left Eva laying on her bed, her body still trembling from the climax that bounced around inside her still trying to find release. She was angry but felt a sense of delicious bliss. She drifted off into sleep looking forward to what the following day would bring …

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