Blind Faith: scene snippet pt1

… As he stroked her gspot she could feel that familiar warmth build up in her stomach. The palm of his hand was pressed flat against her clit. As he rocked his hand up and down the soft flesh would rub against her clit. The deep throbbing would pulse hard and deep between her thighs. Her breathe was jagged, shape, short, tattered as his fingers worked her spot. She gripped the back of her knees and pulled them into her chest – her knees either side of her face. Her wetness opened up invited his fingers in deep, offered her gspot to his nimble digits.
‘Squeeze my fingers, make it tight.’
His voice made her gasp. She clenched her muscles and shuddered. Her walls pressed against his thick fingers, against their contours. Felt them move, felt them glide. As he pushed his fingers in deep he curled them into a hook. Her body tensed and curled up into a ball. The jolt of pleasure that shook her body caused a moan to explode from the depth of her tensed stomach. Her juices were making wet slushy sounds, she could feel them dripping down her lips, trickling down between her ass cheeks. His fingers moved in slow motion. Delicate swoops across her spot. Pressed, then relaxed. She could feel the crackle of tingles bubble inside her walls, begin to wrap around her waist, snake up her spine. The crackle became louder. Her breathe loud, hard. Without warning he placed his mouth over her clit …

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