backseat loving

The orange streets fade away behind us
Our car is swallowed by darkness of this back alley
Turn the engine off.
Loud silence announces we have reached our destination.
Your long limbs and agile spine snakes into the back seat.
I follow, not as graceful
You laugh
Tease me
I stumble into the seat
You heal my inflexible ego with soft lips
Our tongues converse
Bodies engage in dialogue of want
Breathing becomes hard
I touch your wetness
No, wash away by your woman floods
Taste your juices off my fingers
Your elegant fingers undo my buckle
Set my hardness free
Only to hold it captive in your mouth
My head spins
Race towards the speed limit
Beg you to slow down
You smile realise your power over me
Straddle me
Slide me into your warm centre
Drive slow
Cautious manoeuvring of your waistline
I use my mouth
Circle around your black areola roundabouts
Your screech moans
Press down on me
Drive fast
Windows become foggy with condensation
We our enable to see
Yet we still speed
Ride hard
Travel on 4×4 terrain of our passion
Our bodies collide
Bump against each other
Our release is a car crash of pleasure
Our bodies a tangled wreckage of satisfaction
Sleep is our rescue service
Sunrise greets us with a smile
You snake back into the front seat
I choose to get out the car
You laugh
Kiss my inflexible ego better
We drive home
Rested and free

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