It’s the way you …

It is the way you make me cum
Body and mind in an Armageddon battle
Cause me to freeze
Offer me salvation in this lustful sin
Make me stand of the roof of heaven and roar thunder
Shred vocal cords
Make decibel vibrations grate against them
Muscles contract
Become unyielding
Surrender to the delicate power of your lady muscle
Break me down
Throw anguished groans across the room
Coarse grunt vexed expletives
Clench fist
Swing them
An attempt to escape this prison of bitter-sweetness
Swing them to remain in this bitter-sweet prison
Become dumbstruck
Amazed at the familiarly new sensation
Hulk transformation
Superman strength
Yet become heavy with delicious fatigue
Weak from firework explosion release
Converse with God
See ancestors
This is how you make me cum

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