ironic (you make me)

You submit to me
Give me power over your release
Bestow to me the rights of authority
Yield to the rod of my hardness
your serve my desire
I conquer you
Overpower clit
I am triumphant over spasms
Defeat your tightness
Make you succumb to my penetration
Give in to my motion
Yet …
It is your wetness that commands me
I am a prisoner to it
Your plumpness makes me surrender
The hardness of your nipples hold me under a spell
Your lips
To them I am enslaved
Held captive to their plump softness
With your eyes you seduce me
Your figure surmounts a war on my senses
Enslaved by your form
I become defeated by your caress
Moans you utter cause me to kneel
Servant to your sounds
You are submissive to me
Yet it is you that makes me weak

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