when you moan

When you moan
When you release your vocal expression of bliss
It compounds my pleasure
Causes me to soar higher
Sends me spinning
Makes me want to drive faster to the destination of your release

When you beg for me to go deeper, harder
It blends with my lust
Mixes with my passion
Creates a cocktail of angry, focused determination
I become intoxicated
Cause me to grit teeth
Reach inside my soul and extract my resolve
Want to fulfil your request with glorious triumph
Do it until you become confused
Contradict yourself
Tell me no more
But beg for me to continue

When you call my name
Sing it
Inhale deep
Fill your lungs
And let my name explode from your mouth
Proclaim to the Lord
Become reduced to unarticulated proclamations
Let me know you are racing towards your release
Supersonic speed
Ready to break the sound barrier your culmination

When you make these sounds
When you become vocal
Let your audio frequency boom from your mouth
My ears drink in this liquid gold music
And cause me to swirl
Grit my teeth
Make me tingle
Cause me to fight the urge not to release

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