Kemi’s choice pt3 – interactive erotica

The thoughts rolled around in Kemi’s head. Possibilities, scenarios and images of endless pleasures began to slide over each other in Kemi’s wet thoughts. She began to think about sucking on Moses while Nia sucked on her clit. She closed her eyes and stood still letting the imaginary sensation take over her.
‘Well!? What do you think of my proposal?’ Nia’s voice shook Kemi back to reality, made her jump.
‘Er, er … er … I … er … I don’t …er ….’ Kemi was overwhelmed. Nothing had been promised, no guarantee of sex made yet she was disoriented at the thought. She stammered trying to pull together her thoughts and a coherent sentence. Nia chucked down the phone.
‘It’s no pressure, its just three people having drinks and shaking a leg. I promise I’ll be a good girl … as long as you want me to that is. You know where I am. Text me if you’re coming and I’ll come out and meet you to so your fella can get in.’ Nia hung up.

Kemi’s heart galloped in her chest, raced hard; jumped fences of logic. It raced towards her desire to have both of them; to set in motion the hopeful inevitable outcome of them fucking. Kemi turned and walked back into the club and was swallowed by the baseline of Konshens ‘Gyal a bubble’ as she stepped through the doorway. She stopped in her tracks, taken by surprised at the song. She knew 80% of her work colleagues wouldn’t be able to understand the words let alone dance to it. Shocked at how the baseline hummed in her body amplifying her tingles. Her waist wanting to break free and whine, her booty wanted to bounce and flick. Bashment always made her horny but with the offer just laid on her plate. Who was awaiting her downstairs as well as at Candy Bar made her extra horny. Nia and Moses she thought to herself … Nia AND Moses. She descended the stairs back into the sea of PWC intoxicated staff. People danced. Rocked and swayed to the music. Bumping Kemi cause her to move to the rhythm of the crowd. Her pussy was wet. As she got deeper into the partying bodies she thought about Moses and how his hardness pressed on her earlier. Konshens’ lyrics were instructing her to bubble, to whine, asking the question ‘how dis party ah look suh?’ She saw Moses leaning against a wall watching his colleagues partying and waiting for her to return. The fresh air from outside made Kemi realise how much she had had to drink but she was too horny to care. She was a horny wild cat and Moses was her pray. She snuck through the tall grass of the crowd taking her time to approach Moses with stealth. Pausing and hiding behind clusters of people as not to be seen. Focused, deliberate, her moves patient as she approached with precision. Moses was looking to his left when she was ended up by his side. She cupped his dick in her hand causing him to jump and drop his glass.
‘Shit! what the fuck?’ Moses looked at Kemi with disbelieving shock.
Kemi lips curled upwards, her eyes full of lust, her smile sinister.
‘Grab your coat, we’re leaving.’

‘What about the glass.’ Moses asked.
‘Fuck the glass.’ She said and turned and walked towards the exit. Kemi didn’t look back but knew Moses was following her. She glided through the crowed while Moses struggled to keep up with her as she snaked through the crowd which seemed to part in front of her. She walked up the stairs slow, the noise of the crowd fading leaving only the sound of music and Moses’ feet clambering up the stairs
‘Er … where are we going Kemi?, not that I’m complaining that we’re leaving together but just would like to know.
Kemi reached the top of the stairs and spun round quickly, Moses 3 steps below her causing him to look up at her. She felt horny and powerful looking down at him. She felt in control. She wanted to tell him he’s going to taste her pussy; that was his final destination. She smiled.
‘We’re going to a place that is sweet, delicious … a place where men are not accustomed to going but many wish they could.
Moses frowned trying to read Kemi’s face.
‘Have you ever heard of Candy Bar?’ she asked
‘Should I of heard of it?’ Moses replied realising she was answering a question with a question.
Kemi realised that unless Moses was a lesbian or knew many he wouldn’t have heard of it.
‘Let’s just say it’s kind of like every man’s fantasy but every man’s nightmare.’
Moses took a step backwards down the stairs.
‘I’m not sure I want to go. The idea of a nightmare doesn’t sound too appealing.’
Kemi held out her hand.
‘Moses, trust me you will enjoy. You probably won’t want to leave. And if you don’t like it I’ll do whatever it takes to make your evening pleasurable … and I do mean whatever it takes.’
Moses’ smile lit up the dim stairwell as he took the final 4 steps in one long stride.
‘So what are we waiting for then?’

They walked out the club and to the edge of the pavement. The night was still mild and the cool air felt refreshing. Kemi looked both ways of the Embankment road searching for a black cab; she wasn’t in the mood to walk and wanted to start enjoying herself as soon as possible. I cab approached from the other side of the road and Kemi waved her arm in the air shouting at it. The cab driver spun a U-turn and pulled up to the kerb.
‘Dean Streets please.’ Kemi said as she opened the back door without waiting for the driver to accept their requested destination.
They jumped in the cab and slouched into the back seats. Moses stared Kemi as the cab pulled onto Northumberland Avenue; the cab driver silent, unusual for a black cabbie.
‘So … how did you know about his place?’ he asked.
Kemi slid over to him and leaned into his body. She reached between his thighs and began so stroke the inside of his leg. She watched her hand glide up and down his leg and bit her lip. Moses let out a feather soft groan.
‘Let’s just say that I have a friend who is very …
She paused trying to find the right word to describe Nia without giving her sexuality away.
‘…She’s very … non-discriminatory.’ Kemi said.
‘What the fuck does that mean?’ Moses asked. ‘Don’t try and be all cryptic and mysterious with me young lady. Just be straight to the point.
Kemi looked Moses in his eyes, held his gaze and moved her hand up to his crouch.
‘Is this straight to the point enough for you?’
Moses pulsed as Kemi started to knead him until he grew hard. The cab zipped in and out of traffic as it made its way into Trafalgar Square and around towards Haymarket. Kemi knew the cab ride would be over soon and with nibble fingers began to undo Moses’ zipper. Moses was frozen. He eyes darted to the cab driver who was busy watching the road dodging in and out of cars and buses in the busy West End Friday night traffic. The cab stopped at Piccadilly Circus and the famous bright lights that hung high over the street illuminated the interior of the cab.


Kemi continued to unzip Moses despite the lights making it easily visible what they were doing in the back of the cab. The traffic lights changed and they drove onto Shaftesbury Avenue. Moses zip was all the way down and Moses frowned at Kemi and then glared at the cab driver nodding in his direction. Kemi reached inside his zip and into the slit in his boxers. Moses shook his head. Kemi felt a surge of corrupt power rise up inside her as she pulled out Moses hardness from inside his trousers. They had turned onto the bottom of Dean Street and the journey would be over in less then 90 seconds. Moses knew the West End and knew their journey was going to be over in seconds. Kemi held his hardness, her fingers coiled around his shaft. She squeezed it and a single droplet of pre-cum seeped out the tip. Kemi bit her bottom lip and slipped her finger from her free hand into her mouth. She then placed it on the tip of Moses’ head and swirled it around. Moses’ head fell backwards as he closed his eyes and grit his teeth trying not to moan or jerk. Kemi swirled her finger round in slow circles over the tip and around the head until his entire head was glossed with his own fluids. Moses body was stiff. Kemi suddenly stopped and let go of Moses thickness. He exhaled with relief and sunk into the cab chair. He opened his eyes to see them pulling over to the side of the road. Kemi tucked Moses back into his boxers and looked at him and said

‘You can ‘sort’ yourself out.’
She reached for her purse as the cab came to a stop.
‘There you go love, this alright?’ asked the driver.
‘It’s perfect thanks. How much do I owe you?
‘That’ll be £7.20 please.’
Kemi reached over the drivers shoulder and gave him £10.
‘Keep the change.’
She looked at Moses and chuckled as she got out the cab.
Moses clambered out the back of the cab his zip still down and his hardness still protruding.
Kemi looked at Moses zip, looked Moses in the face and then back at his zip.
‘You might want to fix that before we go into the bar.’ She said as she reached into her purse and pulled out her phone to make a call to Nia letting her know they were outside.

Moses zipped himself up and tried to adjust himself so that his stiffness didn’t show as they walked to the top of Dean Street and turned left onto Carlisle Street. The bright pink neon lights of Candy Bar greeted Kemi and Moses. Moses looked at Kemi.

candy bar 2

‘Candy Bar huh? I see what you mean now.’
‘Wait until you get inside … it gets better.’
Moses looked at the door way and saw a stunning 5’9 dark skinned women emerge from the bar wearing a skin tight strappy red dress. Moses tried to stifle his amazement but Kemi could hear him as he whispered ‘Daaaaamn.’ under his breath.
Kemi didn’t say a word she let him stand stunned by the woman who was walking towards them. The woman looked at Moses and walked passed him and threw her arms around Kemi.
‘Glad you decided to come. I wasn’t sure you’d take up my offer.’ Nia said
Moses mouth was on the floor when Nia turned around to face him and extended her hand to shake his.
‘Hi, I’m Nia, Kemi’s wife.’
Moses looked at Kemi for confirmation. Kemi stepped forward.
‘Moses this is Nia, Nia, this is Moses. Now the pleasantries are out the way ca we get our drink on?’

Nia lead the way and gave the female bouncer a kiss on the cheek and tipped her head towards Moses. ‘He’s with me hun, he’s good.’
Moses looked at Kemi. ‘Clearly she’s a good woman to know.’
The club was painted in black with neon pink light strips on the walls.
As they entered the club there was a booth on the left. It was full of women of various descriptions; slim, girly types wearing tight dresses and adored in makeup, cornrow hair plaited women wearing baggy jeans and muscle vests. Kemi gazed at the huddle of women as they walked to the bar. She looked at Moses, he had the same look on his face when she first when out with Nia; a look of bewilderment, arousal and questioning. Nia noticed Moses expression.
‘Fems and studs … your two basic types of lesbians and bi girls. Fems are the girly types, studs are the butch/tomboyish types.’ Nia said reading the look on his face as the cloud of confusion melted away.
Nia got to the bar and waved at the bartender. She ordered a pitcher of double JD and Coke. Moses and Kemi looked at each other. Kemi tapped Nia on the shoulder.
‘Er, are we expecting company? Kemi asked.
‘No, but 1. I intend for us to have fun. 2. it’s long to keep coming back to the bar for drinks.’ Nia said.
Kemi had to hand it to Nia, her logic made sense. It always took ages to get drinks at a busy bar. The bartender filled the jug with 1/3 full of JD and then topped it up with Coke. She gave Nia 4 glasses; 3 empty and 1 filled with ice. Nia picked up two and gave them to Kemi, picked up two for herself and nodded at the jug as she looked at Moses.
‘Well, pretty boy the jug ain’t gonna carry itself.’
Kemi laughed. She loved Nia’s cheekiness and bravado.
Moses smiled at Kemi.
‘She isn’t shy is she?’
No, she ain’t’ Nia said jumping in answering for Kemi.
Moses laughed knowing that he was in for a night of witty and sarcastic comments that would keep him on his toes.
They made their way downstairs to the basement. Nia lead the way followed by Kemi and Moses. The basement club was cosy with black walls and a low ceiling spotted with disco lights that threw colours randomly across the room. It was full of women of every shape, size and description. They were laughing, drinking. Some were posted in corners kissing, groping on each other. As Kemi, Nia and Moses made their way onto the dancefloor they were swamped in gryating and bumping bodies grinding on each other. Kemi remember the last time Nia took her to a lesbian club and the sexual energy of the venue. It was girl-on-girl-on-girl-on-girl action and she got aroused watching a sea of women dancing and enjoying each other. She remembered the overwhelming sense of it all and looked at Moses to see his reaction. She giggled and nudged Nia. Moses’ mouth was wide open, eyes bulging, his neck constantly turning trying to take in the sights all around him.
‘So … how would you describe this? Kemi asked.
Moses was watching two women in a corner kissing.
‘I see what you mean by every man’s fantasy but every man’s nightmare. I’m surrounded by women but none of them are interested in me. I’m in heavenly-hell.’
Nia reached over and pinched his cheek playfully.
‘Awwwwww, do you feel inadequate? Feel a little unnecessary. Hush.’
Kemi laughed and joined in the playfully teasing.
‘Heaven and Hell in one place. Wait until you try to go toilet.’
Nia and Kemi fell about laughing having to lean on each other for support.
‘You two are cold. I can see why you’re friends. Birds of a feather and all that Jazz.’ Moses said looking in the direction of the toilet trying to work out how he’d manage that situation. Nia pointed to a corner of the club next to the speaker and they wiggled their way through the crowd.

Nia set the glasses down on the little shelf on the wall and Moses filled each glass with a drink. Kemi held up her glass and said ‘Here’s to a night of new beginnings and untold possibilities.’
‘Cheers!’ Nia and Moses clunked Kemi’s glass. Kemi downed her drink in one and looked at Nia to follow; Nia accepted the challenge and downed hers. They looked at Moses mockingly tapping on their wrist and tapping the feet. Moses downed his in one and poured himself another and down that too.
‘I see your drink and raise you a drink.’
Kemi and Nia not wanting to be outdone gestured for him to pour them another drink and they both downed it in one. The alcohol hit them hard and they simultaneously started to laugh. The DJ switched up the music and started to play bashment. Vybz Kartel ‘Freaky Gyal’ started to play. Nia and Kemi’s hands flew up into the air and they started to whine. At first Moses watched Kemi and Nia dance with each other. Watched as Kemi put her arms around Nia’s neck and Nia put her arms around Kemi’s waist. Watched as Nia pushed Kemi up against the wall and started to grind on her, push into her as they slow whined against each other. He was hypnotised when Nia kiss Kemi’s face; her cheeks, her forehead … and then her mouth. Kemi closed her eyes and Nia stared at Moses as she kissed Kemi; slipped her tongue into her mouth, held his gaze as she bit on Kemi’s bottom lip. Moses watched, his blood rushing to his groin. Nia pointed at him and gestured with her finger for him to come over. He took a swig of his drink and joined them. Nia pulled Kemi off the wall and stood behind her and reached around Kemi and pulled Moses on to her. Kemi was still slow whining, intoxicated on alcohol and lust. Moses began to grind on Kemi and she bit her lip as she felt his hardness. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him sucking on his bottom lip.

She club became a mass of slow motion whining. Women bending over touching their toes as women stood behind them slow whining. Kartel’s lyrics sung out loud by the crowd. Hands raised high in the air. Moses was grinding against Kemi’s front; his hardness was long and thick, its girth pressing on her mound. His snake hips were fluid – hardness that moved softly, in slow motion. Her body wanting. Her kitty was drooling with anticipation. Her woman cup overflowing, spilling its juices and forming puddles of wetness in her knickers. He was kissing on her neck. French kissing the pulsing vein, sucking on it, taking playing bites.

Nia behind her cupping her breasts; playing with her nipples. Nia was squeezing her flesh, moulding it in her hands, tweaking her nipples through her top, gripping them between thumb and forefinger, kissing on the back of her neck. Kemi could feel plump lips caressing her skin, tracing lines along the nape of her neck where her hairline ended. Nia’s breasts pressed against Kemi’s back; snuggled between her shoulder blades. Soft. Warm. Nia’s mound pressing against Kemi’s ass cheeks, felt like a man’s hardness. Kemi was sandwiched. Enveloped in decedent bliss. Nia reached down the side Kemi’s thighs and started to slowly edge her skirt upwards. Kemi gasped and slapped her hands down over Nia’s hands halting her actions. Moses smiled and placed his hands over Kemi’s. Took them and moved them away and linked his fingers into hers. He lifted her hands above her head and held them their. Kemi was a prisoner and surrendered to the sensual interrogation of Kemi and Moses. Kemi held her hands above her head, leaned her head back and relaxed into the pleasure even further. Moses sensed her surrender and gently let go of Kemi’s hands and lowered his hands to join Nia’s as she began to lift Kemi’s hemline again. Kemi moaned as 2 hands, 4 palms and 20 fingers caressed her thighs as she gyrated to the music, as they worked in unison lifting her skirt higher and higher. Her inhibitions falling away as Moses masculine hands dances with Nia’s slender fingers. A combination of strong and gentle caressed her skin as her skirt was lifted higher. Her skirt was just below the curve of her ass cheeks; Moses able to manoeuvre himself between her legs forcing them open with his motion. Kemi could feel Nia’s breath on her neck, floating around to the back of her ears. Its warmth, its desire, how it whispered to her, seduced her. Its heavy pace touched her softly. Caused Goosebumps, created tingles. They merged with the shivers of Moses’ kisses, his teeth nibbling on the side of her neck. His mouth opened and pressed against the pulse in her neck. His tongue swirled around his mouth, its tip tickling her skin. Kemi was lost. She was wondering in a wilderness of pleasure. She was wondering aimlessly, with no sense of direction. North was lust, East desire, South want, West passion. Her compass of restraint broken; spinning, pointing in all directions offering her no guide, no direction. Kemi was lost and didn’t care. The music pumped the rhythm a melody which moved Moses, swayed Nia. Kemi could feel herself losing control. She was burning up. She grabbed the side of Moses’ shirt, gripped it as the sandwich of sensations consumed her whole. They were fucking on the dancefloor, having a threesome for all to see, being exhibitionists for all to see and she didn’t care. Moses wasn’t inside her but it felt like he was. Her walls could feel him, imagine him, needed him. Kemi could feel Nia’s soft kisses on her neck making her body weak. Her mind fluttered between imagining Moses’ hardness inside her and Nia sucking on her clit. Her head was spinning, whirling, spiralling as it fell into the abyss of release and soared into the sky of pleasure.

Kemi was captive to this delicious indulgence. Prisoner held in the walls of Moses and Nia’s bodies. She was a slave to the lustful passion that held her in chains. She wanted to feel them both, need to feel them both. Kemi wanted to feel skin on skin, feel tongues on her body, lips on her clit, hardness pushed deep inside her. She was trying to regain control, wanted to ask them to stop so they could leave go somewhere and fuck hard and strong. Kemi tried to break free but wanted to stay where she was and enjoy the moment. Sink into it.
Suddenly Nia stopped and pushed Kemi off her jolting Kemi into freedom of conscious thought. Her eyes adjusted to the flashing disco lights and the sound of the other raves turned off mute and she could once again hear them. Moses had stepped back from Kemi allowing her to breathe. A black woman in a black fitted trouser suit stood next to them. The collar of the fitted jacket dropped low and teased the world with her D cup sized breast. She was chocolate brown complexion with fire engine red lipstick and smoky eye shadow.
Nia spoke first. ‘Can we help you?’
The lady smiled and handed them 3 credit card size flyers.
‘The question is can I help you. I’m having an adult party tonight in mansion over in near Victoria. I couldn’t help but notice you three enjoying yourselves. You should come tonight. We have a Jacuzzi, a room full of fetish toys and another full of mirrors.’
Kemi was still trying to steady herself from the swirling waters she was just swimming in.
‘So … what’s the catch?’ Kemi asked suspiciously not believing she was considering taking such an invitation from a stranger.
The lady smiled. ‘There is no catch. It’s private, exclusive, discreet and sophisticated ie no hungry men or aesthetically challenged women. You can simply watch … or as you seem to enjoy, be watched. You all fit the criteria and seem able to enjoy yourself. The invitation is open, details are on the back. It starts at midnight and finished when the last person can’t cum any more.’
The woman placed her hand on her chest. ‘I almost for got my manners; I’m Madam Tracy, London’s top black fetish dominatrix. I would like you to … ‘cum’, so please do consider it.’
She then turned and walked away.
Kemi stood still watching were Madam Tracy had disappeared into the crowd. Nia came from behind her; the three of them now facing each other in a triangle shape formation. They looked at each other half trying to recover from their dancing indulgence, half working out if the woman was serious and if they should consider her offer. Nia broke the silence.
‘Well, that was unusual, interesting but unusual. An adult party, that’s always been on my ‘to do list. Offers like that don’t come about everyday. Nia said looking at Kemi’s glazed eyes. Nia looked at Moses
‘Well pretty boy, what’s your thoughts?’
Moses was still hard and wanted to carry on the fun by any means. ‘Well, I was hoping we could go back to mine to have our own little party.’
Nia shrugged. ‘I’m game for both. A party is a party is a party. What do YOU want to do Kemi? Ball is in your court….’
Kemi’s body was still pumping. Her nipples still hard. Her clit still beating out a baseline between her thighs.
Yet again she found herself having to make a choice….

So here is where you decide. What should Kemi do?

A. Go back to Moses’ house
B. Go to the adult party

This is where you the reader decides what happens next – cast your vote by Saturday 4th May

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      1. Sure. The anticipation of them going to the after party. The story got me exceedingly hot & bothered, in particular what Kemi and Nia might get up to. I have a thing for ladies of a certain ethnic persuasion 🙂
        ps I’ve not used WordPress before so apologies for the previous double-post. 🙂

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