Kemi’s choice pt2 – interactive erotica

Kemi went to get herself a glass of water and was mulling over her options … new experience or dick (albeit unconfirmed dick). Tongue or dick? new or unconfirmed? A bird in my bush is worth more than two balls that might end up in my mouth. Kemi’s thoughts swirled around in her head and sent her off into a dream state as she walked having fantasies about her options. As she turned the corner to the staff kitchen she bumped chest to breast into Moses. She had never touched Moses and his body felt as solid as it looked and almost knocked her backwards off her feet. Moses reached for Kemi and grabbed her arm pulling her into his body so she didn’t fall over. Her clit started to stomp and kick as they stood in shock from their
body-to-body head-on collision.
‘shit! sorry Kemi. You ok?’ Moses asked
Kemi wanted to say ‘No, my pussy is hurt, can you kiss it better please?’ but decided against such blunt crudeness.
‘yeah, im fine. I should apologies I was in my own little world.’ She replied.
Moses smiled as they simultaneously realising that they were still chest to chest. Kemi felt a burst of heat explode and fill her body. She tried to move backwards away from Moses but her body wasn’t co-operating. He clit had become magnetically attracted to Moses’ steel hard body. Kemi could feel him against her front as he began to swell and grow hard. Her mind was swirling. Her thoughts a tug-o-war of logic and lust
Kemi! You’re at work get a grip!
Push up on his dick.
You’re in the staff kitchen, anyone could walk in any minute.
Kiss him
Do you want to get sacked?
Cup his dick in your hands.
Don’t be such a hoe
Close the door and fuck him
Kemi was tormented. Thunder clouds of her thoughts boomed and rumbled in her mind. She was wet. Her clit was swelling with lustful want. Her nipples began to press against her bra as she became more and more aroused. She could feel his dick becoming harder. In her mind they were already fucking. In her mind she had ripped of his shirt, he had lifted her on to the counter and they were fucking deep and hard. In her mind he was sucking on her breast, licking them, gripping them between his teeth. In her mind he was deep inside her; her legs wrapped around his waist as she sat on the staff kitchen taking his hard length inside her wetness. In her mind her walls were stuttering, shuddering as Moses parted her legs like the red sea and entered her promised land.
He was gently pulling her into him. One hand on her waist the other on her hip. Kemi was tingling all over. Excitement, fear, lust, confusion, desire were all bumper cars in her mind. Banging, crashing and creating sparks along the roof of her mind.
Moses suddenly pulled her hard onto his dick causing her to gasp with surprise. His chest pressed firmly up against Kemi’s hard nipples. Stomach-to-stomach his hand palmed the base of her spine. His ring and index finger playfully resting on the top of her ass. He let her go and then said
‘I look forward to seeing you later for drinks.’ He said and walked out the kitchen leaving Kemi standing alone.

Kemi stood in the kitchen for 10 mins trying to workout what had just happened. She knew she had been daydreaming a lot today but wasn’t sure if what happened was a dream. She played it over and over in her head. Partly to analyse it and make sure it was mutual and not her pressing up on Moses and partly to relive that moment of sexual tension that had her wetness streaming from between her thighs. She needed to cool down and poured a cup of water. Kemi sipped on her 3rd cup of water as she left the kitchen finally able to calm her breathing and still her clit from stomping. She walked back to her desk and sat down. As she dropped herself in her chair she could feel her wet knickers squelch and move against her folds. She closed her eyes and inhaled trying to stop herself from reaching between her legs and playing with her clit so she could release the urge Moses had evoked in her. She looked for distractions to occupy her mind. She couldn’t do any work as her mind wasn’t that calm as yet. Reading Eroticnoire’s blog was a certain no-no, she dare not go for a walk in case she bumped into Moses again. Phone! She picked up her phone and remembered Nia.
‘Shit, I’m gonna have to cancel.’ She thought to herself. After what just happened in the kitchen Kemi wanted the chance to catch the two birds in the bush rather than the one she had in her hand. She felt bad, felt guilty. Tried to rack her brain as to how she could let Nia down easy without pissing her off and permanently losing the chance to sample the hotness of Nia Ababio. Just then her office phone rang and that was it; from there on in her afternoon was filled with call after call and email after email. Her colleague had called in sick so she was roped in to attending a meeting that she wasn’t prepared for or had planned into her schedule – although her schedule today was to do as little as possible. The meeting took up 90 minutes of her life she’d never get back. The only up side was that by the time she got out it was almost time to leave the office. Some people had left already even though it had just gone 4pm – damn drunkards she thought to herself. She wondered if Moses had left already or was still in the office. She hoped that he was there already and getting tipsy so she could have her way with him. She smiled a naughty smile to herself but her conscious kicked in:
‘Kemi Osoba! You ain’t no hungry boy lookin some sex. Calm your self!.’
She knew she had to be careful and discreet; it wasn’t about being the topic of office gossip, but she wanted to fuck Moses so bad.
Moses’ body, what happened in the kitchen, the sun finally shining and being a natural aphrodisiac didn’t help; and now alcohol was bout to be add to the equation. Something was bound to happen to night Kemi just didn’t know what. The office looked deserted just a few die-hard employees and those that didn’t drink or socialise with colleagues. Kemi walked the long way around the office as to pass Moses’ section; he was gone.

Kemi returned to her desk and shut down her computer and rushed out the building. She headed to the Opal bar next to Embankment station. She walked up the small flight of stair leading to the venue and entered. She was surprised they were playing RnB; bars in the city don’t usually go for that type of music. She went down stairs into the basement. It was like her office had taken over the entire 200+ capacity area; Price Waterhouse Cooper (PwC) staff scattered all over the venue. People thrown over chairs, leaned up in corners, sprawled over the booths, bunched up in nooks and crannies. There was a sizable mass of bodies lined up against the bar on her left. Everyone was talking loud, laughing, acting silly and some dancing in clusters in the far corner. It felt like she had walked into a party rather than ‘after work drinks’. Kemi headed to the bar and squeezed her way through the thick mass of bodies. She glanced around to see if she could spot Moses – no such luck. Just then the barman approached her ready to take her order. The bar was high so Kemi tiptoed and leaned over the bar. All of a sudden she felt long, thickness pressed up between her ass cheeks lifting her up slightly and pressing her against the bar. She gasped and slammed her hands down on the bar trying to steady herself. She spun her head around; it was Moses.
‘I’ve got a stiff one for you.’ He said as he stepped back holding up double shot of Jack Daniels with no mixer.
Kemi smiled.
‘Why thank you for your ‘stiff’ one Mr Clarke. It’s very much welcomed and I’m sure it’ll hit the right spot. However, I have to ask are you trying to get me drunk?’ Kemi asked already feeling intoxicated at how Moses had just pressed her up against the bar a moment ago. She was trying to shake the image of him fucking her from behind out of her head. Moses took the last gulp of his own drink and stepped forward towards Kemi causing her to back up against the bar. He had pinned her against the bar again, this time he was pressed against her front. Kemi was having flashbacks of the kitchen, have recollections of her images of him fucking her on the counter. She was taken aback and didn’t know what to do. Was he drunk and going to try and kiss her in front of everyone? No, he would never do that, would he? Moses discreetly tipped his pelvis up pressing into Kemi’s front. He was solid.
‘Get a room!’ yelled someone from behind Moses.
‘Shit!’ Kemi thought; office gossip. not good.
Moses held Kemi’s gaze and without looking away put his glass down on the bar next to them. He waved his hand in the air at the bar man who came over.
‘Yes sir, what can I get you?’ asked the man behind the bar.
‘I’ll have another JD please, thanks.’ He said, eyes still fixed on Kemi, hardness still pinning her to the bar.
The man behind the bar cleared his throat ‘And the lady, what will she be having?’
Moses smiled as he looked at Kemi ‘I’ve already given her a stiff one.’
The man behind the bar chuckled and poured out another JD. Moses stepped back and reached into his back pocket for his wallet and paid for the drink. He then took Kemi by the hand and weaved her through the crowd into the area where people were dancing.
‘Lets see what you working with.’ He said teasingly.
Kemi gave him the ‘oh no you didn’t’ look. ‘Oh please, I bet your back is still like rusty metal. she said playfully.
Moses chuckled.
‘Well, you gonna move your body or can you only wiggle your ghetto chick neck.’ Was Moses’ come back to Kemi’s dig.
Kemi laughed and stepped closer to Moses. He had a wide smile on his face as Kemi put her arms around his neck.
‘Sorry Mr Clarke, the way I dance, the way I whine … I don’t think it would be appropriate for work. So I’m afraid I’m only gonna give you a 10% demonstration. However, i doubt you’ll be able to handle that … BUT if play your cards right and you might just get and extra 20% at another time.’
Kemi downed her drink in one and put it on the floor next to them.
‘We’ll just have to dance like our other colleagues and two step.’ She said.
Moses shrugged his shoulders ‘hmmm, sounds like a cop out but I can live with that.’

It was 3 more shots, untold songs and over an hour later and Kemi and Moses were still ‘two stepping’ on the dancefloor. They’d hardly spoke verbally and allowed their body language and movement to communicate their thoughts. They occasionally got close and grinded against each other for a short moment. Each time they connected Kemi could feel the hardness of Moses; he’d be hard for over an hour. Kemi constantly reminding her self; I’m still with work people, I’m still being watched, I’m still trying to be discreet. Just then Moses asked Kemi what time she was staying until. She reached in her purse and pulled out her phone.
Her face dropped
‘Shit!’ I forgot to text back my friend.’ She said to Moses. ‘I was suppose to meet her’
Kemi glared at the phone; 2 texts and a missed call, it was Nia.
‘Excuse me Moses, I need to call her back, she is going to kill me.’
In her haste to get to the bar Kemi forgot to call Nia. She was frantically trying to think of how she’d make it up to her. She ran back up stairs and called Nia. The phone rang. Kemi’s heart was beating and felt heavy; she didn’t mean to stand her up. Nia eventually picked up.
‘I’m so, so, so, so sorry Nia. There was work drinks and it was one of those … those – she flashed back to the kitchen – one of those crazy days. I’m really sorry.
Nia hadn’t said a word which made Kemi feel even worse.
‘I can’t even lie, there was a guy at work and I really wanna fuck him. I just needed to do team drinks to see if he’s on it. I know, I know … I shouldn’t put dick before friends. Say something … please.’
Nia sighed deep. I’m just parked up in soho I’m about to go Candy bar. Should I expect you?
Kemi was torn. She’d once had a friend that put dick before her and knew how it felt. She also wanted to go back down stairs and cement the foundation with Moses.
‘l … I … I … ‘
Kemi stuttered trying to find the words.
Nia sighed again.
‘I tell you what, why don’t you both come to Candy bar. That way 1. I can give him the once over. 2. we still get to have drinks and 3. if he’s a good boy we can maybe all have some fun.’
Kemi froze.
Her mouth fell open. The alcohol, the horniness, the guilt were all blending into a cocktail of thoughts and possibilities.
‘Wait, you want me to bring Moses to a lesbian bar, are you serious? Will they even let him in?’ Kemi wasn’t sure if she was asking to clarify if it was possible or to confirm if Nia was actually being serious.
‘Yes, they’ll let him in, as long as he’s with the two of us and yes I’m serious.’ Nia said.
Kemi stood outside the bar the in shock as the music spilled out the doorway of the bar. Thoughts started to pump in her head to the music. Would Moses go? Would he get on with Nia? What would happen if he went? Did she want to introduce him to Nia? She felt bad, confused and dizzy. Her mission was to see if Moses was interested and that goal had been achieved so technically she could call it a night. Besides it wasn’t like she planned to fuck him the first time they got together. Or she could take him to Candy bar to meet Nia. Who knows she still might be able to have her cake … and be eaten…

So here is where you decide. What should Kemi do?

A. Go meet Nia alone
B. Do as Nia says and bring Moses

This is where you the reader decides what happens next – cast your vote by Saturday 27th April

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