Kemi’s choices pt1 – interactive erotica

It had been a long and cold winter and mood in the office for the last 5 months was depressing. Everyone was always complaining about the cold, the rain, the wind and most of all the snow. Kemi’s floor, at the head office of Price Waterhouse and Cooper, was called the chocolate floor; not through corporate racism but it was the floor with the most and best looking black men and women in the 15 floor building overlooking the Embankment and the River Thames.
Moses was one of the best looking men on her floor and he and Kemi had a good rapport and often flirted while at work. However, it never went beyond that and they never hooked up outside the work place. It was one of those keep it at work, make the day go faster, eye candy kind of things. That was all about to change as there was going to be an office after work get together that evening. Kemi had only been with the company 3 months and heard that the office regularly had after work drinks in one of the bars along the river. She had also heard that many a fling and office links had come out of these notorious gatherings. Kemi was hoping that tonight would be her chance to see if Moses was on it or would be forever relegated to the ‘flirt at work’ category. She, like most of the women in the office had made use of the corporate membership at Virgin Active gym and had been getting her body in shape for her summer holiday to JA and Brazil. Moses claimed to be working out too, although she had never really seen much evidence of it besides him carrying his gym back into work everyday. Moses was forever carrying his over-sized gym bag into the office throughout the winter and well into the new year. Every lunch time he’d disappear saying he was going gym. However, Kemi never saw the difference all this gym attending was doing; that was until today when the sun finally showed its face and everyone in the office was wearing less. Ladies showed up in short skirts and dresses, strappy tops with plunging necklines. The men lost the jumpers, thick coats and blazers and walk around in just shirt and trousers. Kemi could now see the results of him carrying that oversize gym bag of his into the office everyday and going to the gym. His white fitted short clung and stretched around his bulging biceps. The material was tort and tight and looked like it was about to tear to reveal a sea of chiselled muscles. It lay flat across his back, playfully hinting and the solid sculpture structure. As for the front view; Kemi got wet every time he walked past. His chest was broad, raised, and thick and flowed down into his flat rippled stomach. The highlight of the frontal view was the protuberance that leaned down his right leg; its rounded form and domed shaped tip made her tingle everytime. She instantly would imagine how it would feel inside her, imagined it filling her, sliding it into her mouth, imagined feeling his body pressed against hers as they fucked – Moses made her wet end of. No matter how engrossed she was in her work, not matter how urgent the deadline or the call or the email she was typing, she’d always be distracted by him walking passed. She would find herself pausing to drink in the vision of him. She was always discreet as to not be seen, always sly with her glances but at times the horniness took her and she was simply blatant with her ogling.

Today was Friday, the sun was shining and Kemi wasn’t in the mood to do much work so she spent most of the day reading the blog by Eroticnoire and catching up on his latest creation, DeeDee Walker. She didn’t know a DeeDee Walker but she knew DeeDee Walker; she was her kindred spirit, her twin – well, in most ways. She loved DeeDee Walker’s stories, her confidence and her persona. She would read DeeDee’s diary and get flustered while at work and then Moses would walk pass which just compounded the situation. She’d have thoughts about them working late one evening and some how end up fucking on the Directors desk, in the boardroom, in the lift, even in the Human Resources office just to be rebellious. Kemi couldn’t think of a day that didn’t go by when she didn’t think about fucking Moses. She laughed to herself thinking if she was a man pure gyal would get cocky 27/7. God knew what he was doing making her a lady – although she did think the enjoyment of sex and sexuality in society was biased.

As she was fluttering between the eye candy of Moses and Eroticnoire’s blog she got a text from Nia Ababio. Nia was every man’s dream and every straight woman’s temptation. She was like the black Angelia Jolie – even straight woman wanted to fuck her. Nia wasn’t just milk chocolate, she was dark chocolate. Nia was pure, unadulterated decadence. Natural shoulder length dreads, oriental slanted eyes, thick plump lips, firm perky C-cup breasts with matching nipple piercings, tattoo of Africa on the base of her spine, 26 inch waist, 40 inch hips, a figure that blended the tone, form and sculpture of a dancer and athlete. All this was presented in an elegant 5’9” tall frame with two tongues bars as the cherry on the top. Nia was bi-sexual and proud. She was always telling Kemi that when she was ready to explore she would be her girl-on-girl companion. Kemi had met her at a club Amber bar in Moorgate after the cloak room attendant got their coats mixed up. Kemi had to wait until the end of the night to exchange her coat with Nia. They got chatting as the left the club and found out they lived near each other. That was over a year ago and since then they’ve been good friends. Nia has even taken Kemi to a couple black lesbian club nights. She’d never forget the club night she went to in Vauxhall. She was nervous and didn’t know how she’d handle being hit on by a woman. Nia teased her saying she’d leave her in the club and make them molester her. Kemi knew that wouldn’t happen but the idea of being accosted by a group of women scared her but turned her on at the same time. She knew she wanted to experience being with a woman but back then she wasn’t ready to take that step. It was only because Nia was so down to earth and never all up in her face that she now felt ready to take that step. Nia had suggested that Kemi visit her that Friday and they finally indulge in each other. All week Kemi swayed between horny-excitement and frigid-panic but seeing Moses, reading DeeDee’s diary had tipped her to the side of horny-excitement. Kemi thought about sucking on Nia’s nipples, felling the piercings in her mouth, swirling her tongue around another woman’s nipples. She felt herself get wet at the thought of feeling Nia’s double bar tongue piercing flick her clit. Her clit thumped baseline music at the thought of Nia sucking on her. Nia’s text was her checking if she was still on for hooking up that night and wanted to see if she fancied drinks first in Soho aka the red light district of London.

Kemi’s desires were taking her away and she needed to go clear her head so went to get herself a cup of water. She was torn between a rock (hard stud of Nia’s tongue) and a hard place (located between Moses’ thighs). As she made her way back to the staff kitchen she wondered which option should she go for …

A. Hook up with Nia
B. Go to the staff drinks with Moses

This is where you the read decides what happens next – cast your vote. vote by Monday 22nd April.

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