Diary of DeeDee Walker: 18 April – body part pt2

Body party pt2

…My nukki was soaked in her own wetness. I could feel my damp knickers against my nukki’s folds and it was making me even hornier. I wanted to fuck Adrian there and then. Wanted to throw him down on the table, on top of the food, and ride his dick – fuck him hard and wild. Fuck him like I wanted to break the 10 foot long solid oak table we were seated at. It was taking all my strength to restrain myself from raping him there and then. I had calmed down from my pending orgasm but was still breathing slightly heavy. My nipples were hard and I felt flush and hot; it’s a good thing I’m black because otherwise my flushed cheeks would have shown. I looked at Adrian who was still talking to Jerome and acting like nothing didn’t happen. I gazed at him and was torn between astonishment and frustration; he was so calm that I wanting to slap him for almost making me cum. Maybe he felt my eyes in the back of his head because he turned around and smiled at me. He still had that smug look on his face. I wanted to know what he was thinking, how he managed to remain so calm and act like nothing had happened. Actually, I wanted to do the same to him in some way. Tease him, play with him, bring him to the brink of bussin’ a nut and then stop. Make the fucker hard and weak at the same time. However, I knew that revenge is a dish best served cold so I’ll wait to strike back; wait until he wasn’t expecting.

Just then the waiter came and cleared our tables and asked if we were ready for dessert. As they cleared the table Olive asked if we were going to the club and could she catch a ride to central London or somewhere. She was heading home but as it’s in the direction of the club that she would appreciate a lift. I knew right away that Adrian would offer to take her home and true to form he proved me right. She lived in Elephant & Castle, which is on the south side of London. I have to say that part of me was pissed as I wasn’t in the mood to entertain company or play wing (wo)man to Mr Taxi man. Plus I wanted to chat with Adrian some more about his pending business trip and project. As selfish as it sounds I was about to potentially be without my fuck buddy for at least 3 months. We had dessert and chatted for about 30 mins before the bill finally came; I almost fainted when I glanced at it – £1,425! Now, my job is well paid and I’ve been to plenty plush restaurants but £130 per person and for someone I didn’t know. If it wasn’t’ for Adrian being the decent guy he is I wouldn’t have been there or would have said I’ll just pay for what I’ve ordered (I hate paying for other peoples drinks and dessert when I haven’t order any). I reached for my purse but what happened next swiped me sideways – Adrian put his hand on mine and said he’d pay. Now I know men are expected to pay for on a date, I know we’d been fucking for a while, I know we’re cool and hang out a lot for ‘fuck buddies’ but I wasn’t expecting him to pay for me. It solidified that he was a gentle man as far as I was concerned. That plus it confirmed I got some good nukki if many is gonna fork out £260 on dinner. Not because of the actually money but the gesture it made me want to fuck Adrian even more. I still had a couple tricks up my sleeve and wanted to pull them out the hat on him. As we drove to drop Olive home we spent most of the journey to Elephant & Castle engaged in small talk about the birthday boy, the club night and Olivier’s loving and committed partner – who wasn’t at dinner or offered to come pick her up (raise eyebrow). It sounds bad but I was happy to get rid of her so we could make our way to the club. I wanted to whine up on Adrian and get him hard in the club then go home and fuck. We drove down Old Kent Road and headed towards Tower Bridge which was the closed river crossing to the club.

As we crossed over Tower Bridge I looked out the window at the river and skyline; London sure is beautiful at night I thought to myself. I glanced over my left shoulder and saw the Mayor’s office. It’s an odd shaped building; it’s a short stumpy circular building with a domed roof. I never noticed until then but it reminded me of a clit – a giant clit sticking out the ground along the river Thames.


It made me chuckle to myself as I realised how horny I was feeling and would have much would have preferred being indoors fucking Adrian; although I knew we’d probably be fucking later that night anyway. I had been thinking of ways to exact my revenge for the restaurant antics and then it dawned on me. I smiled to myself as a slowly rolled up my dress upward onto my thighs. Adrian diverted his gaze from the road and quickly flicked me a glance to see what I was doing. I raised my hips up and reached under my dress and slowly took off my knickers and rolled them up into a ball. Adrian’s breathing changed as we drove to the north side of Tower Bridge. I noticed his grip on the steering wheel increased. I could hear the creek of the leather as he gripped it trying to maintain his focus on the road. I played with my knickers; they where damp … no, they were soaking wet. Traces of Adrian’s restaurant antics had not totally left me and my nukki was still craving some attention. I casually threw them on to the top of the dashboard. They landed on the AC vents which was blowing out warm air and the within seconds my nukki’s scent filled the car. Adrian was silent, overly silent. The tension was thick inside the car. I reached down between my legs and started to play with my nukki. She was so wet I gasped with surprise when I touched her. The bridge has a 20 mph so Adrian had to slow right down. I traced circles around my clit and let myself moan. My fingers were coated in my wetness, glistened. Adrian took one hand off the steering wheel and reached for my leg. I moved it away and turned myself offering him my back and continued to play with my nukki. I propped one leg on the dashboard and opened my legs wide and slid two fingers inside myself. At first I exaggerated my moans but my fingers inside my nukki made the pleasure real. I began to work my fingers. Moan load. My nukki was making wet sounds. Driving while I played with my nukki was turning me own. Playing with her knowing that Adrian wanted to watch but couldn’t. Knowing cars where driving past and could see me leg cocked up on the dashboard. My fingers felt so good inside my nukki. I could feel the tension beginning to ease yet also rising as my fingers slipped deep inside me. I could feel my body hum with the pleasure, but I didn’t want to cum; I was saving that for later. I took my fingers out my nukki and licked off my juices and moaned for added effect as I slurped on my own juices. Adrian’s grip looked like it was about to snap the steering wheel in half as we drove round the one way system past Tower Hill station. Adrian cleared his throat loudly as I rolled my dress back down and sat up and looked out the window as if nothing had happened.

We turned left on to Mincing Lane and drove passed the Agenda night club. The queue reached the main road and dribbles of people where joining the queue as we drove passed. I looked at Adrian. ‘Can you see the queue?! I’m happy to leave it rather than spend 2 hours trying to get in.’ Adrian chuckled and said ‘Do you know who I am? We’re not queuing up anywhere; I know the bouncers, door staff and got our VIP wrist bands. We’ll be in within minutes.’
I smiled to myself; a man that is confident and knows lots of people and is well connected. There is something hot about a socially influential and connected man that does things to me. We got to the bottom of Mincing Lane and turned left and then turned left again on to Mark Lane and then took a right on the Crutched Friars, a quite street around the back of the club. Cars already filled the street and we somehow managed squeeze into a spot.
Adrian turned off the engine and looked at me. ‘Care to explain your little stunt back there as we crossed the bridge?’. He asked.
I played innocent. ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about.’ I said as I smiled at him and got out the car. He spanked me on my arse as I got out. The sting was bitter-sweet and made my ass cheeks tingle. I wanted to fuck and couldn’t contain myself any longer. I opened the back door and climbed into the back of the car. Adrian spun around in his seat and looked at me.
‘Er … this isn’t Driving Miss Daisy, what you doing?’ he asked.
‘I wanna show you something’ I said as pulled my skirt up revealing my nukki. Adrian let a low moan slip from behind his lips as he lick them with a hungry want in his eyes.
He got out the driver’s seat and opened the back door and joined me. He closed the door and leaned against it.
‘so … show me what you’d like me to see.’ He said. He’s car was tinted and in the back the car was dark causing me to pull up my dress up to my waist in order for him to really see what I was offering. My nukki was exposed and wanting. Adrian smiled, leaned upright and put his right hand on the inside of my thigh. I always liked his hands; soft, big and strong. His hand glided up my thigh and as it climbed higher my breath grew shorter with anticipation. I opened me legs welcoming his thick fingers as they approached my nukki. She had laid down a welcome mat of wetness and waited to invite him in. He paused as he got to my nukki. Smiled. I knew he was about to try and tease me but wasn’t having any of it. I quickly tipped my pelvis up to meet his fingers.
‘Fuck! your pussy is so wet. Shit!’ he’s voiced was full of shock and lust.
He glided his finger tip from the base of my nukki to the tip and then licked off my juices. The way he licked off my juices caused a gush of wetness to burst from inside me and stream out my nukki and down my lips. I couldn’t help but touch myself too. I licked off my own juices and moaned – I did like the way I tasted; tangy and sweet. Adrian touched my nukki again, dipped his fingers between my wet lips and circled my entrance. Making me moan and inhale sharply. He offered me his fingers and I slowly licked my juices off his fingers. My tongue swirled around his middle finger like it was his hardness. It turned me on, made me want him more. Made me even more wet. As I sucked on his fingers my own fingers reached between my legs and glided over my wetness. I offered Adrian my fingers and he sucked off my juices. His fingers in my mouth, my fingers in his mouth; we were both tasting the juices of my nukki. We leaned into each other and began to kiss. Shared my essence, share my flavour. Our tongues danced as our soft lips met and creating a soft cushioning to our harsh passion. My hand reached for Adrian’s belt frantically trying to undo his trousers. The passionate want causing me to fumble, scrabble to undo his trousers and set his hardness free. My fingers stumbled over each other as I unbuckled his belt, undid his button, pulled his zip down. He scooped up his hips and slides trousers down to his knees. Lust caused me to straddle him quickly, with swiftness. I took his hardness in my hand and place his tip at my entrance, let it rest between my lips. Let him feel my wetness. He grabbed my hips and tried to pull me down but I held still. , smiled at him. He laughed out loud.
‘So now it’s my turn to be teased is it? This is pay back from the restaurant?’
I smile. Glide the tip of his hardness between my lips and coated it in my juices. Then without warning slam myself down on his tort erection.
He let out an almighty ‘Oh fuck!!’
Adrian’s face was classic; eyes wide open. Mouth gapping, nostrils flared – a picture of shock and panic.
My voice was soft, calm, low as I whispered to him ‘pull that shit again and you’ll pay double’
I clenched around his hardness
Adrian’s moan was a defeated cry of pleasure
Adrian hands grabbed hold of my ass making a slapping sound from the force and speed of his movement.
‘I’ll take that as a sign we have an understanding.’ I said as I raised my self up to the tip of his hardness and squeezed my nukki around his tip. Adrian hunched forward and buried his face between my breasts. I slammed down on him again causing him to throw his head back. The power, the control, the ability to command him made me tingle. It filled me with a wicked sadistic desire to make him beg; make him pay for the restaurant. Adrian was trying to calm down, regain composure but I had no intention of allowing him such liberties.

Just then a car’s headlights sliced through the darkness of the street and burst into Adrian’s car interior as it turned onto the street we’d parked on. A thick, heavy, hard baseline of bashment filled the quiet side street. I paused. Became still. Adrian’s hands still cupped my ass as I straddled him. I could feel him pulse inside me. Could feel him swell, expand and then contract as his blood pulsed through his veins. I involuntarily clenched around his hardness causing him to let out a moan. He bit my nipple through my dress to try and stifle his sounds. His mouth sent a shock through me causing me to clench even tighter around him. The car cruised slowly up the road. Its baseline become louder as it got closer. My heart was beating fast. It thumbed inside my chest. We could hear the car rattle as its vibrations thundered from its speakers. It was two cars away and my breath was shallow, quick, excited. The feeling of Adrian inside me, the fear of being caught, the excitement, Adrian’s mouth on my nipples, my nukki was beating out its own baseline of pleasure. It was one car away and its baseline had set off the alarm of a nearby car. Its indicators flashed and blinked as its electric scream joined in the rumble of the cars sound reverberating through the street. It was now along side Adrian’s car. I had never been a fan of tinted windows until now and glad they offered camouflage to our antics. Its baseline vibrated through the car, through our bodies. Filled me. Roared inside the car:
‘Ride da punnai, drive all di man dem crazy, dem just wanna ride di punnai …’.
The baseline kicked and then dragged itself through the air; made me tingle. The rhythm reaching deep inside me, coiling around my waist, climbing up my spine; it took over me. I began to slow whine on Adrian’s dick. The words took me way. The baseline took over my body. Adrian groaned as my waist moved in slow, small gyrations. He gripped my ass and spread my cheeks as he pushed up inside me. I moaned loud. Let it burst from my lungs as the music from the car drowning it out. I could feel him in deep. Feel him fill me. Feel his tip touch the roof of my nukki. Feel my walls clench as his hardness glided against them. He gripped my ass tighter and began to rock me back and forth gently as not to make any sudden movement, my nipple still in his mouth. Music vibrating through me, tingles crackling inside me, my mind was spinning. The car was passing us and the music fading but our motion still matched music; our waistlines rotating against each other. As the car continued down the street our pace increased, became more intense, more aggressive. We began to fuck like bashment. Hard. Rough. Coarse. Angry. We fucked with rebellious bravado. We made our own bashment. Our grunts and groans were lyrics. Our Moans the baseline. Our tingles the top end tweeter sounds. I could feel the front of his pelvis rubbing against my clit as he rocked me back and forth, could feel his tip stroking the roof of my nukki. He was rocking me faster and faster, reaching deeper inside me. My nukki was flowing. Streaming; dribbling from the overwhelming intoxication of him commanding me with his hardness. I was gasping. Moaning. He was making me moan submissive sounds of pleading mercy, making me breathe hard and quick. My stomach tensed up and I knew I was cumming. Knew I was reaching my peak. The car was rocking. Windows coated with the condensation of heat and hot breath. I was cumming. He was rocking inside me even faster. He was growling. Snarled. His sex sound sucked on my ears, licked my neck; it added to the sensory overload. My nukki spasmed, stammered. clenched. Then it happened … I was thrown like a rag doll into my orgasm. Spun around. Tossed in the air. I wrapped my arms around the back of Adrian’s neck and shuddered as my orgasm caused my entire body to tense up. I was trying to give him back the move for move, thrust for thrust but couldn’t my orgasm was too intense. Adrian was merciless. He was still holding onto my ass and pushing up inside me. His fingers sinking into the flesh of my ass as he gripped me tight. He was cumming now. I could feel him tense. Hear his groans become deeper. More amplified. His warm fluids burst inside me. Popped silently. Blended with my wetness. Made me cum again. His grip was tense. His body was tort and rigid as he pushed his pelvis up and went deep inside me with a final thrust. We paused as our tingles collided. Then we collapsed into each other. Became limp. Weak. Drained from our release.
Needless to say we didn’t make it into the club but it’s a weekly party so hopefully next time we’ll make it to the club, but if we don’t … no complaints from me 😉

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