DJ Face’s orgasmic slow jams

It had been a hectic day at work and Coco was sure glad it was Friday. The only thing that got her through the day was DJ Face playing on Flames FM from 10-1 that day. She was glad she could just plug in her headphones, log on and listen to him play her favourite tunes while she was at work. However, today was extra special beacuse he was hyped up about the Britjam reunion party happening the following day at CLUB CC2 (Colloseum Complex). She had gone to BritJam and it was truly epic; it was the highlight of holiday and raving year. Coco was hype too as 1. She was going to the rave 2. DJ Face was doing a special slow jam session later that evening to cover for another DJ on the station. Coco was a slow jam freak. She loved the baseline, the tempo but most of all the lyrics. The amount of slow jams she had she could have been a DJ herself. If there was one sure way to get her in the mood, feeling horny and wet it would be slow jams. DJ Face dropped some tunes that morning and Coco sturggle to not whine up herself in her chair or give him a ‘brap, brap’ in the middle of the office. She even struggled to not nod her head too much while she listened to the show. After DJ Face’s show finished at 1pm the rest of the day seemed to drag so Coco decided to listened to his mix CD to get her through the day. At 5 o’clock sharp Coco shut down her computer and left the office. She refused to stay late on a Friday 1. She wanted to do a bit of shopping that evening 2. It was Friday and Friday and working late don’t go together.

On the way home Coco smiled to herself as she anticipated to tunes DJ Face would be dropping later that night. As she emerged up the stairs from Brixton station she was greeted by the usual noise, sights and human traffic of Brixton high street – it was to high street that never slept (kind of like New York but it was South London). She turned left and walked towards Iceland where her incense man was every Friday. She had been buy from him for the last 4 years and stopped to chat with him before heading into the market. One of the things Coco loved about Brixton was that she could always catch a few shops open after work and could do her shopping. Shopping on Saturday morning in Brixton is long and not good for her temperament. By the time she got in it was 6:30 and Coco made dinner, called her girls to confirm details and outfits for tomorrow. She switched on her computer and logged on to Eroticnoire’s blog ( for her daily fix of erotica. She finished reading the final part of ‘Coffee, Cake and Kink’. By the end of the story Coco was horny and wet. She decided it was a good time to have bath and her usual Friday night spliff to help her unwind and put calm her mind. Both the bath and spliff made Coco feel dozzy as she lounged on her sofa, so she set her alarm for 10pm so she could wake up for DJ Face’s slow jam show.

The buzzing of her phone alarm woke Coco up from a dream she was having about Femi from Eroticnoire’s story. She was wet and her nipples were hard. She couldn’t help herself so she went to her bedroom and her bedside cabinet and pulled out her rampant rabbit. She returned back into the living room, turned on her stereo and sat on the floor with her back resting against her sofa. The stereo came on and DJ Face had just started playing. She picked up her blackberry and sent him a message.
‘I’m locked in and ready for you to do me good with your slow jams – Coco’.
As soon as she sent the message DJ Face faded the song and gave her a shout out.He dropped a tune and the vibration of the music rattled her speakers and reverberated through the walls of her living room. DJ Face pulled back the song to top and let it play again.
‘Shout out to Miss Coco, I know you love this song baby girl. This one is from your boy DJ Face’
Coco smiled to herself as the bassline kicked in once more matching the humming vibrations of her rabbit.
‘and my wetness is my song dedicated to you baby’ she said to the radio.
She began to glide the rabbit’s ears up and down over her clit letting its ears tease her clit gently. The shaft of her toy was down between her butt cheeks and its tip resting on the area between her anus and the base of her pussy. As she glided the toy up and down over her clit it would brush against her butt and the vibrations would cause tingles to spread outwards into her inner thighs and into her ass. She gasped and began to whine to the song letting the music take her further into pleasure.
‘I know you’re slow whining to this tune right now Coco, whine slow for me baby, whine slow for your boy DJ Face.’
Coco followed instructions and her hips gyrated against the toy making her moan as her hips made slow circular motions.
‘fuck! my pussy is so wet. Play my song for my baby, fuck me with your music.’

As DJ Face mixed in another song Coco pulled back the skin covering her clit causing it to be exposed and stick out. She swirled her toy’s ears around and gyrated as the song came in and the lyrics started
‘If you let me …. come inside, I’ll keep you satisfied tonight’
It was Intro’s classics song ‘Come inside’
Coco’s heart started to beat in her chest as she imagined DJ Face touching his mixer in the studio wishing he’s fingers were on her nipples. She grabbed her nipple under her t-shirt. They were hard. Solid. Erect. She gripped them between her thumb and forefinger and squeezed it. She inhaled as tingles crackled in her breasts and filled her chest area and melted down into stomach and between her legs. The tingles combined with the sparkles of sensations in her clit and Coco arched her back.
‘Baby, fuck! … what you doing to me with those tunes?’ she said as she could feel her juices trickle down her lips and between her ass cheeks.

The song caressed Coco’s ears, seducing her, causing her to move on the floor. Her tea candles flickered illuminating the room in a soft orange-yellow glow. The smell of her vanilla and strawberry incense filled the room and blended gently with the tang of her recently smoked spliff. Coco inhaled and let the aroma fill her lungs as her skin danced with pleasure. The low hum sound of her rabbit ebbed and flowed as she glided it up and down over clit. She could hear DJ Face mixing another song and she became more wet with anticipation.
‘Hey, hey big up my boy Eroticnoire, between me and him we making da gyal dem horny and wet. Him have da stories, mi have da tunes … ladies paradise. Ah lie Coco?’

Coco smiled as she had a flashback to Eroticnoire’s story ‘Coffee, Cake and Kink’. The memory of the story and the songs DJ Face was playing was making her hornier. Her wetness was making the ears of her rabbit slip across her clit and Coco could feel her walls spasm and clench as the tingles made her shudder. She gripped the base of her toy tighter and pressed the button to increase the speed. The ears vibration intensified causing Coco to push up her pelvis and raise hips off the floor. She could feel her orgasm beginning to build up
Coco moaned as her head began to spin
‘Play those songs for me DJ Face. Make your music fuck me deep baby.’
The shaft of the rabbit was vibrating along the length of her lips while the ears had enveloped her clit. Coco’s moans blended with the music creating a melody of pleasurable sounds.
DJ Face’s voice came through the speakers again.
‘Coco, I know these songs make yuh hot, dats why mi ah play dem fi yuh baby. Mek da music mek yuh wet baby. Slow whine til yuh cum.’
His voice, his instruction took Coco over the edge. She started to rock the ears back and forth faster and faster over her clit. Her pelvis was still up in the air and she was on her tip toes as the shudders took over her body. Her moans became louder, deeper, stronger as the pending orgasm grew.

The slow tempo of the song clashed with the increasing pace of her waist moving against her toy.
‘Oh fuck! shit! DJ Face I’m cummin!’
Her moans became high pitched as the ragged shudders caused her body to jerk and twitch. Her walls spasmed and clenched as her stomached tensed up and she could feel her orgasm rushing towards its release. Coco held the ears of the rabbit on her clit and press it deep into the soft folds of her pussy.
Her body tensed up and Coco’s orgasm burst through her body and she was shaking involuntarily as she collapsed onto the floor. She let go of the toy and it was humming on the floor next to her juddering body. Coco’s breath was staggered and harsh as she recovered from her orgasm.
DJ Face’s voice spilled out the speakers again. ‘Coco baby, I know I’m giving you a musical orgasm, cum for me baby, cum hard. But make sure you save your energy for Saturday’s rave.’
Coco, still laying on the floor with her limp limbs, caught her breath and replied
‘baby you made me cum really good. Don’t worry, I’m saving my energy for you.’
Coco reached for the toy and flicked it off. She closed her eyes and listened to DJ Face playing as she drifted off the sleep right there on her living room floor.

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