The great Rampant Rabbit debate – how do you use yours?

So i was having a convo with a lady friend and it seems there are various ways women use their rampant rabbits. Most women only use the ‘ears’ but many have a preference as to which direction their rabbit is pointing (either with the shaft pointing downwards/between their thighs or pointing upwards). It made me wonder … so the two questions are

1. how do you use yours
2. which direction does it point in


please answer the polls below





1 Comment

  1. Mine is a wet turtle, which is almost like a rabbit but instead of “ears” it has a nub. Anyway, I usually insert the shaft, but don’t turn it on so I wasn’t quite sure how to respond and didn’t answer the poll. When I don’t do that (like if I have a tampon in or something) I put the shaft downward between my legs and use just the nub.

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