Diary of DeeDee Walker: 4 April – tongue addict

So I was asked why I love to get so much tongue action and decided I’d try and explain why.

I have to say that I’m still shocked, disappointed … offended even that in this day and age men STILL refuse to go down on a woman. Stating that ‘bad man don’t do dem tings’, ‘manz ain’t now bow cat’, ‘gyal fi get straight cocky’ shows to me they are sexually retarded, immature, repressed and most of all selfish. But I won’t go off on one, I’m writing to explain why I love me my tongue pleasures.

Well, let me jump straight in and say its the warm of his/her mouth on my wetness, the way it’s so faint and slight but yet can feel is so much. I love when a guy whispers or talks when he tastes me … I can literally feel his words. It makes me tingle.

As much as I love dick having a man (or woman) taste me offers so much gently-powerful pleasure. The tongue is gentler, softer, moves more fluid. I love the way it opens up just the tip of my entrance, teases me. It’s like the pleasure of the moment a guy enters me for the first time but it’s on repeat, constant replay. I just feel that sensation over and over and over and over again. I love to be tongue fucked.

Getting head isn’t just about the sense of touch. It’s all the other senses. I love the sound of it. That wet, sloppy, slurping sound adds to the pleasure – it turns me on even more; it’s like I’m hearing the touch of his tongue. I can smell my essence, that gentle but obvious sent of my aroused nukki.

As for the sight… I love to look down and see him between my thighs. Watch as his head moves side-to-side, as it rolls, turns, twists as his tongue moves over my wetness, slides inside me. When he looks up at me, when we make eye contact; its silently loud. Just that eye contact alone makes me even more wet, makes more aroused. That gaze is often so intense, violent almost, yet soft and tender.

I love the power, but not just the power of him between my legs, but the power his tongue has over me. It’s an anomaly, a contradiction, a sexual oxymoron. On one hand it’s a dominating, commanding, authoritative pleasure of having him submit, have him yield his masculinity to me and my pleasure. However, when he’s tasting me and tasting me good … I’m weak, passive, and submissive – I surrender fully. Its like a dance, a tango of power and surrender. It’s passionate, powerful, elegant and fevered.

I love how his/her tongue swirls around my clit – the softness, the moistness. How my clit moves from side-to-side as they trace circles around my clit. I become lost, confused; become a different person. It’s like I’m wide and free but yet soothed and calmed. I float. Loss track of time, become irrational. At times I become scared; scared of the intensity of the pleasure, scared of the overwhelming feelings; makes me kind of panic the way it makes my body tingle – it amazes me each time, every time. I don’t want it to stop yet struggle with how powerful it feels.

I love the varied pace of it. The fast … slow … fast … slow … pause … fast erratic, staccato feeling. How it makes my involuntarily whine my waist against that tongue. Slow grind against it. Dance with it. I love how it gives me butterflies, fills my whole pelvic area with deep inside me tingles, makes me shudder, jerk shake. It’s the way it takes over my body, invades me. It’s alien almost. It’s out of this world. I see stars. Lose my breath.

I love how it’s a prelude but yet can be the actual highlight of sex. I love how it can make me cum harder, more deeply, more intense than penetrative sex. It’s the way it shows maturity, sexual intellect and erotic confidence. In some ways the fact that he/she is comfortable and happy to pleasure me like that turns me on.

One of the best things I love about getting oral is how it makes me feel beautiful. I feel like a woman, I feel feminine; regal even. As much as I feel horny, like a freak or nympho I also feel attractive, adored and desired. It’s spiritual, sacred … religious even. I feel like my spirit opens up, it ascends, climbs to a new place, like I’m in tune with the universe … with myself.

And that my friend is why I love to get me some tongue …


  1. Good sex is give and take. A wise person tried to ensure their pardner is content. Real men are not afraid to enjoy the taste of a woman secret desires and need.

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