Freestyle Friday pt6

Words submitted by Elucta Phillips:
Darkness, reflection, anger, hurt, soothe

Darkness of decadence desire is where we’ve become lost
We wonder in the maze of corrupted indulgence
Joyfully bewildered in a labyrinth of pleasure
Create 50 shades of us
A gradient of tingling gratification

Hurt is the bitter-sweet pleasure you tell me to give you
Place your face on the pillow and elevate your behind
Demand hard strokes
Command me with vexed instruction to go deeper
Push back on me
Beg for delicious punishment
Release joyful cries of belly deep pain
Feast on my desire to give you what you crave
Satisfy your hunger

Anger is the sound of my voice
Gravel coarse snarls
Sandpaper rough groans
My rage is tender
Aggressive consideration
Passionate affection

Reflection in the mirror on our wall stares
You watch us
The 3D movie of our feature film is live
We perform all our own bedroom stunts
An action packed masterpiece
Captured in the screen of our silent viewer
The dolby surround sound of moans is epic
Oscar winning performance
Our skin claps was we reach the climax of our performance

Soothe calm is the blanket we are wrapped in
Float as soft as clouds on a summer’s day
Smile with our bodies
Curl up and created intertwined limbs
The light of release shines bright
Shows us the way to slumber
We are free
Until we become lost once again…

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