Freestyle Friday pt5

words submitted by Tricia J:
Pain, punishment, fear, addiction, lust

again i’ve come up with more then one poem from the submitted words

Poem 1:
Lust is a pain only our sex can soothe
Fear is the emotion I feel about this addiction
Punishment of your lust is what I long for

Poem 2:
She has an addition to lust
Punishment is her crack
Class A dominatrix
Her office is her bedroom
She is the CEO of pleasure
Her board of directors is her toys
Fuck me boots and lingerie is her power suit
She negotiates with her tongue
Fear is the emotion men approach with
Her business partners are indulgence and submission
Pain is her assets
Earns profits of mulit million moans
Pays bonuses of lucrative orgasms
She stocks and shares worth six figure tingles
Pumpum slave labour is the working condition of employees
Makes them work overtime
Long hours
No breaks
Yet they flock to become her worker
For the rewards are untold
The pay is a bank account full of orgasms
She is the CEO of pleasure
Class A dominatrix
Only the best candidate need apply

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