Freestyle Friday pt4

Words submitted by Sanny4me:
Imagination, Desire, Hard, Intense, Slow

Slow is how I want to taste you
Let me tongue glide over the delicate folds of your woman lips
Swirl in the waters of your wetness
French kiss your entrance
Tongue dance
Oral ballet
Perform graceful movement
Refined elegance of across your plump folds

Intense subtly is how I want to taste you
Elusive motion that cause you to wonder
Vague gestures of my mouth that leaves imprints of shudders
Faintly forceful turns of my tongue spin you
Hold you down and they elevate you
Overwhelmingly soothing tingles

Hard is how I want you to ride my tongue
Travel to your release at full speed
Let your senses stampede
Breathe fast as you whine slow
Sit on my face
Let me tongue slide up inside you
Cause your nipples to become solid
Rigid as your waistline motion move frantic

Desire is the emotion that drives me to want to taste you
Wanting to feel your fluidity fill my mouth
Coat my lips
Glaze my chin
Cause me to slurp on your pleasures flow
Craving to feel you pulse on my tongue
Longing to have you jerk as your journey on my tongue

Imagination is expression of how want to taste you
Create images on your clit
Paint a masterpiece
Evoke a renaissance of new pleasures
Cause you to forget
Become different
Cause you to cum
With the desire of orgasmic imagination

This is how I want to taste you…

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