Freestyle Friday pt3

Words submitted by Mrs Curves
Heat, passion, moonlight, velvet, touch

I tried to play about with these words and came up with three different poems:

poem 1:
Heat of our passion is kissed by moonlight it is a velvet softness touch
Touch the heat of our passion and howl at the moonlight in a sky of black velvet
Velvet soft lips touch and we explode in heat and passion erotic werewolves changed in moonlight
Moonlight glow fills our room and kisses your velvet skin as I touch you with my tongue feel the heat of your woman passion
Passion is our dialogue as moonlight watches us silently as velvet moans melt in our mouths as we touch with our tongues and create lustful heat

poem 2:
Heat, passion, moonlight, velvet, touch
Touch, heat, passion, moonlight, velvet
Velvet, touch, heat, passion, moonlight
Moonlight, velvet, touch, heat, passion
Passion, moonlight, velvet, touch, heat

Poem 3:
When we touch
The wind stands still
Catches its breath
It is blown away

Heat is burnt to ash when we kiss
Fire is left with 3 degree burns
We create an inferno
A firestorm sparked by meeting of soft lips
Only the release can extinguish these flames

Passion is left deflated by the way become aroused
Cause desire to yearn for our want
Lust feels undesirable by the way we ache for each other
Have these feelings wish to become students of our school

Moonlight gasps with open mouth when I taste you
Cause the oceans of your seven seas rise
Create tides
Slide my tongue deep inside you and create a Tsunami
Stir the 80% of your waters
Eclipse an eclipse
A blackout as your eyes rolls backwards

Velvet rose petals of your flower bloom when we sex
Flower pollen of pleasure
Softness of your folds create hardness
We make feathers want to be touched by the softness of our caress
Dandelions close their eyes and are blown away
Make a wish that they come back in the next lift time as us

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