Freestyle Friday pt2

Words submitted by Sexualsideofsex:
love, pain, anger, gratitude, sexual rejoice.

I love how you ride me
Push down
Rise up slow to my tip
Cause me to grit my teeth
Hold on to your hips
Breath deep
Hold back my release
Your rotation makes me weak

Anger is scripted in the lines on your forehead
Vexed passion pulsing in the vein in your neck
Your eyes glazed over
The wrath of your want is Armageddon strong
Tilt your head to the heavens
Call to the Saviour
Enraged with lust you ride me

Pain is bitter-sweet
I can hear it in you vocal expression
The blissful torment of delicious delights
Soundwaves of splash against our bedroom walls
Octaves swing, sway, dance in the air
A symphony that is staccato
Elegantly stumbles out your mouth
Your sound is submissive command
It is dominating surrender

Gratitude is what you make me offer to the almighty
When you ride me it is heavenly decadence
Sinful salvation
Your wetness replenishes me
Yet makes me sweat
I am thankful
Your tightness grips my attention
Holds its focus
Pulls me into a spinning swirl
You read the language of my body
Converse in fast tempo motions
My words become incoherent
I mumble
And release

Sexual rejoice is what you give to me
I rejoice in our sex
It is a celebration
A spirit of holy
Give praises
Our sex is
God’s gift
Our passion is
The spiritual side of sex

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